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Gig recrute 01 Liaison officer for Administration and Finance 

Gig recrute 01 Liaison officer for Administration and Finance

Salaire / mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 22 Novembre 2018
Description de l’offre


Recruitment Liaison officer for Administration and Finance
«Lernen für die Rückkehr »

GIZ’s global project Skills for Reintegration (S4R) supports the return and reintegration of returnees, refugees and internally displaced people within a south-south context.
The main objective is the promotion of employability by providing pro-fessional and personal qualification. To this end, the global project is working with the instrument of pilot measures.

The Gambia Technical Training Institute (GITI)-Mansa Konko branch has been identified to be strengthened by renovating and equipping its ad-ministration and training facilities. The renovation work should to be car¬ried out by 15-20 members of the teaching staff with relevant expertise and interest. Additional, further training courses in teaching methods, education and specific subjects will also be offered for these teachers.
Moreover, three vocational training courses are to be developed. This will be carried out in dose cooperation with the teaching staff and local trades-people. Following an initial assessments of needs in the Lower River Re-gion, the courses are to be offered in « solar technology at household level » and in the « production and repair of agricultural equipment ». Additional a course of advanced welding technologies will be offered, starting with a 3-month course in Germany and continuing with a 9-month course in The Gambia, Mansa Konko.
Around 20 trainees are to participate in each training course. Up to 15 trainee places are available for voluntary returnees; from Germany.

These vocational training courses are to be offered from January 2019 on-wards, and students will receive a certificate after completion. Practical placements are an important component of these courses, as well as en-trepreneurship training units and networking meetings with the private sector in the surrounding area.
As part of the development of the training courses, it will be ensured that the courses can serve as a first module within overall vocational training in the areas of electrical installation or metalworking.
GIZ Senegal, German Cooperation in Development searches as for project «Lemen für die Rückkehr » a Liaison officer for Administration and Fi¬nance (Salary band 3A)— according to job descriptions below.

A. Responsibilities
The liaison officer is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the ad-ministrative and financial aspects of the GIZ project « Skills for Reintegra¬tion » in The Gambit Duty station is Dakar with regular official trips to The Cambial.

B. Tasks

1. Liaison officer of the project « Skills for reintegration » in Dakar office
• Responsible to receive and handling all request form the project man-agement in Bonn and staff basal in The Gambia
• Work closely together with the Senegalese colleagues in respect of their expertise in order to facilitate the workflow

2. Financial services
• assists with creditor and debtor administration, including local subsi¬dies and agreements with national appraisers
• prepares transfers and/or other bank documents and checks these be-fore execution
• prepares monthly payments and Foreign currency transactions
• is responsible for administrative aspects of financial management, e.g. bank withdrawals, direct debit orders
• checks unexpected entries in the cash book
• Assist in checking completeness of project voucher for booking by the office accountant in timely mariner.
• Checks the project account balances, reports initial the bank reconcilia¬tion sheet, cash report and list of outstanding items [receivable and liabilities]
• Oversees the cash box

3. Administrative services
• Prepares all contracts which have to be handled by the Dakar office
• Make sure all contracts are in English language and payment will be will be done in Dalsai or Euro

4. Payroll, taxes, social security
The liaison officer assistant
• assists, oversees or prepares the monthly payroll for GIZ national personnel
• is responsible for deducting taxes, social security and adjustment pay-ments

5. General services
The liaison officer
• Oversees the management of the house/apartment rentals by GIZ ex-perts

6. Other duties/additional tasks

The liaison officer
• reports without delay to the person responsible on all problems in financial administration and Compliance with rules
• is responsible for filing financial administration documents and treating information confidentially
• performs other duties and tanks at the request of management

C. Required qualifications, competences and experience

• certificate/diploma or comparable qualification from an accredited university, training institute or commercial academy (management or ac-counting)

Professional experience
• at least 1-3 yens’ professional experience in a comparable position
• working experience within G12 is an advantage

Other knowledge, additional competences
fluent in French and English, ideally a knowledge of German
• in-depth knowledge of accounting software
• good working knowledge or ITC technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)
• willingness to travel regular to The Cambia — Banjul and Mansa Konko

D. Application files :
• A cover letter
• A detailed Curriculum (in board format if possible)
• Three professional references

E. Deadline for applications submission :
The full application forms must be sent no later titan Thursday 22.11.2018 à 04 : 00 pm

NB : Only short-listed candidates, will be contacted for the test of the procedure

Coordonnées du recruteur pour cette offre

giz 109, Rue Carnot x El Hadj Mass Diokhané • BP: 3869 • Sénégal
• By electronic mode at : with subject line « Liaison officer for Administration and Finance»

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