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Gender Self-Assessment of Media Organizations for Promoting Gender-Equitable Norms (Kyrgyzstan)

Gender Self-Assessment of Media Organizations for Promoting Gender-Equitable Norms (Kyrgyzstan)
Deadline: 15-Nov-20

UN Women has announced a call for proposals to invite CSOs to facilitate a gender self-assessment of media organizations at national, regional and local levels for promoting gender-equitable norms and values among broad segments of the population.

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The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (GoKR), European Union (EU) and the United Nations have launched the Spotlight Initiative (SI), a multi-year programme aimed at addressing all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG), and harmful practices (HP). The SI aims to support transformative change on the ground to end VAWG, in numerous countries globally, including the Kyrgyz Republic. The initiative comes with the highest level of commitment globally and will be governed by the UN Deputy Secretary-General and the Vice President of the EU Commission.

The goal of the Spotlight Initiative (SI) in the Kyrgyz Republic is for all women and girls, particularly those most vulnerable, to live a life free of violence and harmful practices, including child marriage and ala kachuu. It is built around six pillars developed after an extensive global theory of change exercise:

Policies and legislation;
Violence Prevention;
Women’s movement and civil society.
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The budget range for this proposal should be maximum USD 99 500.

Officially registered legal entity in Kyrgyzstan eligible of the assignment (Organization Charter, license and other supporting documents need to be attached to the proposal);
General Organizational Capability which is likely to affect performance (i.e. size of the organization, the strength of management support);
Relevance of:
Specialized knowledge specifically Media and Gender;
Knowledge of/dealing with women’s rights, gender equality, and gender issues in general;
Experience in implementing and coordinating of similar Programmes/Projects in organizational assessment/diagnosis, organizing and facilitating capacity development activities, management and expert/grant support;
Proven experience in training, coaching, advising to media institutions;
Quality assurance procedures are in place;
Experience of working with international and donor organizations.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/38dApys

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