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Funding for Nordic Cooperation between Organisations for People with Disabilities

Funding for Nordic Cooperation between Organisations for People with Disabilities

Deadline: 31-Oct-22

The Nordic Welfare Centre is offering grants under “The Funding Scheme” for Nordic cooperation between organisations for people with disabilities.

The Nordic Welfare Centre is an institution within the Nordic Council of Ministers for Health and Social Affairs (MR-S). The mission of the Nordic Welfare Centre is to develop and strengthen Nordic welfare policy.

The aim of the funding is to help organisations of people with disabilities in the Nordic countries to exchange experience and knowledge, develop projects or build up partnerships with their equivalent organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The activity must promote the interests of people with disabilities in society.

Purpose and Target Group
The following are arranged within the framework of the Funding Scheme:
Network activities
Supplementary project activities
These are carried out by, with, and for national organisations, groups, or other civil society operators in the field of disability.
Applicants must be organised by, with, and for persons with disabilities or chronic diseases. Applicants or formal partners cannot be a public or commercial institution, organisation, or business.
The network activities and project activities must involve partners and participants from at least three countries. At least two of the countries must be Nordic.
Sub Areas
The programme comprises the following sub-areas:
Human rights: To support and strengthen the work with national implementation and monitoring of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Participation: To strengthen inclusion and participation and promote equality through commonly designed physical and digital environments, and to counteract discrimination against people with disabilities in all parts of Nordic society through strategic integration of disability perspectives in work relating to sustainable development.
Free movement: To promote free movement and the removal of borders that particularly affect persons with disabilities.
The Council of Nordic Cooperation on Disability participates in strategic discussions regarding the development and guidelines of the Funding Scheme.
Funding Information
Funding for network activities is provided according to a standard model with a fixed amount of SEK 5,000 per Nordic country and maximum SEK 9,000 SEK for Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Åland, or a Baltic country, if the costs are higher for them compared to other Nordic countries.
Funding can be obtained for:

Networking activities with participants from at least three Nordic countries, or two Nordic countries and at least one Baltic State. The activity must have a specific programme and take place in the Nordic region or in the Baltic region.
In connection to networking activities, some project activities may also obtain funding.
Please note that 2023 only one application will be opened. In previous years separate applications have been opened for network activities and project activities. Now it is possible to apply for funding of network activities with possible additional project activities.

Eligibility Criteria
National organisations, associations and groups, or networks of national organisations of persons with disabilities or chronic diseases.
Foundations that have the same purpose and similar activities may, in some cases, qualify as applicants.
All applicants must work according to democratic principles, and must work to promote equal rights, gender equality and anti-discrimination.
For more information, visit https://nordicwelfare.org/en/disability-issues/the-funding-scheme/

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