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Frankopan Fund in Croatia

Frankopan Fund in Croatia

The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts has launched the applications for Frankopan Fund to support Croatian students in order to enhance the intellectual capacity and international reputation of Croatia.

It aims to support Croatian students in order to enhance the intellectual capacity and international reputation of Croatia.

The Fund was established in 1998 and since then, has awarded 410 grants totalling £700,356. Each year, the Fund makes awards totalling £20,000 per annum to, on average, 20/25 students.

Priority is given:

  • To postgraduate students;
  • To students who have been successful in raising funds for their studies from other institutions;
  • To those individuals who are committed to enhancing the international reputation of Croatia;
  • To those individuals seeking to develop skills that will be valuable to Croatia’s development.
Funding Information
  • The Fund makes Scholarships of up to £2,000 per student, per annum and Awards of £500 per student, per annum.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicants must be Croatian students wishing to pursue higher education;
  • Applicants wishing to pursue further studies in UK or other international institutions are considered.

Application Requirements

  • If you believe that you are eligible, according to the strict guidelines and priorities, you will need to send the following information by e-mail (they are unable to accept correspondence by post), in English, to frankopan@sfct.org.uk
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • A personal statement, explaining your background, motivations, reasons for wanting to undertake this course of study (no more than one side of A4);
  • A copy of your letter of acceptance from the institution, which confirms the commencement date of your course;
  • An outline of the course – duration, curriculum, objectives;
  • Details of course fees, accommodation and living expenses;
  • Details of funds already secured or expected (such as scholarships, grants, personal funding and loans);
  • A personal reference (from someone who is not a member of your immediate family) (no more than one side of A4);
  • A professional reference (no more than one side of A4).
  • Students who have been successful in securing a Frankopan Scholarship or Award in a previous year, and who wish to reapply for a consecutive year, are not required to resubmit all previously sent documentation. You are asked to provide an update on the progress of your studies, confirmation of funds secured for the new academic year, and to notify if there are any changes in your circumstances.

For more information, visit Frankopan Fund.

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