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Fortuna Grant Program: Morgan Community Fund 2021 – U.S.

Fortuna Grant Program: Morgan Community Fund 2021 – U.S.
Deadline: 31-Oct-20

The Fortuna Grant Program is welcoming projects that is serving Morgan County. The Morgan Community Fund will award up to $10,000 in Fortuna grants to accredited non-profit community organizations or fiscal agents for use in calendar year 2021.

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The Morgan Community Fund is a non-profit community foundation governed by a board of directors made up of local volunteers who receive no paid compensation. The Fund was established in 2008 with contributions from people in Morgan County who left part of their estates or made cash contributions to the Fund. All contributions stay in Morgan County and are used to support non-profit programs that benefit the community as a whole.

Funding Information

Cash Grants for NGOs to improve access to justice around the world
Foundation Grants of up to € 100,000 to increase people’s resilience to disasters
Cash Grants for NGOs to improve access to justice around the world
Foundation Grants of up to € 100,000 to increase people’s resilience to disasters
Individual grant awards shall range between $500 and $5,000.
Eligibility Criteria

Applicants will include a detailed description of the problem they are trying to solve; the number of citizens impacted; a detailed budget including funding from other sources; and expected outcomes if awarded funding.
Projects that include guidance or instruction in cultural arts, wellness, environment, economic, or technology subjects will be favored. Fortuna grants will not be awarded for operating capital, buildings and equipment, or start- up expenses.
Tax exempt organizations will be favored over taxed non-profits. Non-profits will be favored over public entities. Projects that previously have been funded in a prior round may apply again, but no project will be funded more than three times.
Evaluation Criteria

AI for Accessibility grant applications are reviewed by Microsoft employees who are directly involved in the AI for Accessibility grant selection process for the sole purpose of proposal review and to determine the grant level to be provided. Projects should be developed with or by people with disabilities.

Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

Relevance: AI and/or machine learning are core to the project success.

Impact: Your project clearly elevates employment, daily life, or communication & connection for someone with a disability.

Data: Your team is open to sharing privacy compliant data for future innovation.

Feasible: The project is achievable within a one-year timeframe. This could be phase 1 of your project, but there should be tangible deliverables completed each quarter that are wrapped up in 12 months.

Capable: Your team should have the knowledge and skill to deliver the idea, or you should have a plan to partner with someone who can fill in any gaps.

Sustainable: The project has room to grow beyond the first year of funding.

Showcase-able: We want to talk about whatever you deliver!

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