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Focused Grant Program in Philippines

Focused Grant Program in Philippines

Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity

The Forest Foundation Philippines is currently inviting applications for the Focused Grant Program to support projects that foster the protection, conservation, and sustainable management of forests outside the Foundation’s focal landscapes.

Types of Project
The projects proposed under this program should fall within the following types:

Applied Research Grants for scientific organizations and individuals, with a peer-reviewed published paper as the expected output.
COVID-19 Response and Recovery Grants support the adaptive management strategies that will mitigate further losses on forest conservation gains and efforts due to the pandemic.
Miscellaneous Grants, which may include short studies, basic research and documentation, resource mapping and/or valuation, non-timber forest products development, alliance-building and networking, support for policy development and/or resource planning and capacity enhancement. This grant also supports advocacy activities, including the development and implementation of advocacy campaigns on forest protection and conservation.
Nursery Grants, which supports the establishment and management of nurseries for the conservation of dipterocarps and other native plants, mangroves, and other unique species of flora. Projects of this type can only be supported by small grants.
Partnership Grants for co-funding. The Foundation and its partner/s may agree on a particular program, where activities aligned with the mandate of the Foundation could be supported and other activities not covered could be shouldered by the other partner/s.
Piloting Forest Management Strategies in Small Islands Ecosystems Grants, which includes conservation research on the remaining forest cover and its associated flora and fauna, and the establishment and management of critical habitats. The expected output for this grant is a documentation of the appropriate forest management strategies for the project sites.
Scaling-up Mangrove Conservation Grants, which supports multi-year mangrove rehabilitation and protection outside of the focal landscapes. Scaling-up includes assessments, replication of best practices, and expansion of area coverage to enhance mangrove management.
Urban Biodiversity, Forest, and Health Grants, which was developed as a response and recovery measure with the current and possible occurrence of another pandemic. Under this grant, support will be provided to promote the good effects of forests on human health and well-being. It supports activities, such as assessment and mapping of zoonotic risks and threats in forested landscapes both at the focal and outside focal landscapes, expanding green spaces in urban areas, and development of forest bathing sites, among others.
Eligibility Criteria
Duly-registered individuals, organizations, and firms, such as professionals, non-government organizations, businesses, and consultancy groups, among others, working on projects related to forest protection and conservation in the Philippines.

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