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Finnish Cultural Foundation offering “Central Fund” Grants- Finland

Finnish Cultural Foundation offering “Central Fund” Grants- Finland

Deadline: 31 October 2019

The Finnish Cultural Foundation is inviting Applications for its Central Fund to award grants for scientific and artistic work as well as for projects and acquisitions to Finnish nationals or to people or organisations residing and working in Finland.

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Types of Grants and Funding Information

There are two types of grants:

  • Working grants are primarily awarded for the purpose of full-time work, to cover ordinary personal living costs within a certain period. It is possible to apply for this grant as an individual or as a part of a working group. The size of the project is not specified, but the maximum amount of a working grant per person is limited to 3 000 euros.
    • Grant-funded work may, at its earliest, begin after the grant decision has been made or at its latest within one year from it.
    • It is not possible to transfer a working grant to a third party or for it to be paid as a salary or a fee.
    • Basic degree (bachelor’s and master’s) students are not eligible to apply for a working grant.
    • Organisations are not eligible to apply for a working grant.
  • Expenditure grants are awarded to cover activity-related expenses, such as the costs of archaeological excavations or theatre productions, music master classes, or individual acquisitions of tools. Applicants may apply for an expenditure grant for exceptional travel costs related to their grant project. Ordinary conference and lecture trips are not funded.
    • If applicants are considering applying for an expenditure grant for the labour expenditure of another person, please read the section Grant or Salary carefully.
    • University and polytechnic (University of Applied Sciences) students at the end of their basic degree studies are eligible to apply for expenditure grants to cover extraordinary costs of their dissertation work, such as field work or material expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

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  • Eligible applicants include all Finnish nationals, people and organisations residing or working in Finland.
  • Others are eligible as well, provided their application demonstrates clear, strong ties to Finland or Finnish culture.
  • The applications of those under 15 years of age must be filled in by their legal guardians under the applicant’s name.
  • A private individual for their personal work and/or for expenditure.
  • A working group comprised of several people for the work of the group members and/or for project expenditure. Only those people engaged in scientific or artistic work are considered eligible group members. The working group must name one designated person, who is then liable to the Cultural Foundation and, if need be, to the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution MELA and to the Finnish Tax Administration, for the possible grant to be awarded.
  • A registered organisation (such as an association or cooperative) for project expenditure, including labour expenses.
  • An artistic working group is eligible to apply for a working grant for the producer of the project, provided the producer is a part of the artistic working group in question.
  • The members of a working group are not eligible to apply for personal grants for the same project with separate applications. Only one application may be submitted for the same purpose.
  • Organisations that are essentially publicly financed are eligible to apply for grants for short-term special projects. Organisations, the operations of which are funded by discretionary financial aid from the state or local authorities, are generally eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit

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