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Family & Community Support Services: Call for Proposals for Canada

Family & Community Support Services: Call for Proposals for Canada

Deadline: 2-Jun-22

The City of Calgary is currently accepting funding proposals for the Family & Community Support Services(FCSS) for the 2023-2024 cycle.

Funding is available to established non-profit organizations to provide evidence-based preventive social service programs and initiatives that promote and enhance well-being among individuals, families, and communities.
The City of Calgary will direct FCSS Calgary funding to existing, evidence-informed programs and initiatives that contribute to its long-term outcome of increased social inclusion of Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities to create an equitable society.
The focus of this call for funding proposals is on prevention to provide support to Calgarians at the earliest opportunity.
Preventive programs and services
Increased positive child and youth development
Enhanced economic self-sufficiency
Growth in social capital/social participation
Improved family functioning and positive parenting
Enhanced Indigenous healing and wellbeing
Community development initiatives
Increased leadership capacity
Increased sense of belonging
Improved economic participation
Policy and systems change initiatives
An equity-based social policy agenda
Integrated service coordination
Evidence-informed policy and systems change
Funding Information
A total of $30 million is available for funding in 2023. There is not a set minimum or maximum for funding requests.
Eligibility Criteria
Funding is available for established programs with a track record of positive impact. Pilot programs are not eligible. Eligible programs need to be preventive in nature, respond to a clear social need in the community, utilize an evidence-informed approach and have identified positive social outcomes. As stated in the FCSS Regulation, FCSS-funded programs must do one or more of the following:
Help people to develop independence, strengthen coping skills and become more resistant to crisis;
Help people to develop an awareness of social needs;
Help people to develop interpersonal and group skills which enhance constructive relationships among people;
Help people and communities to assume responsibility for decisions and actions which affect them;
Provide supports that help sustain people as active participants in the community.
For more information, visit https://www.calgary.ca/csps/cns/neighbourhood-services/call-for-funding-proposals/fcss.html

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