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European Commission: ERC Proof of Concept Grants

European Commission: ERC Proof of Concept Grants

Deadline: 14-Oct-21

European Commission is calling for proposals for ERC Proof of Concept Grants to facilitate exploration of the commercial and social innovation potential of ERC funded research and is therefore available only to Principal Investigators whose proposals draw substantially on their ERC funded research.

Funding Information

The financial contribution will be awarded as a lump sum of EUR 150 000 for a period of 18 months.
The ERC expects that normally proof of concept activities should be completed within 12 months. However, to allow for those projects that require more preparation time, the grant agreements will be signed for 18 months.
Extensions of the duration of proof of concept projects may be granted only exceptionally.
Eligibility Criteria

The beneficiaries (and their actions) must remain eligible for the entire duration of the action. Costs and contributions will be eligible only as long as the beneficiary and the action are eligible. Applicants and beneficiaries must immediately inform the services of the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA) at any point in time of any events or circumstances which would be likely to affect the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.
The Principal Investigator will have the flexibility to modify the budgetary breakdown during the course of the project. Requests to modify the budgetary breakdown of additional funding may be accepted only provided that such modifications remain within the objectives for which the additional funding was awarded.
Admissible and eligible proposals
All proposals must be complete, readable, and accessible. They must be submitted by eligible Principal Investigators as defined below before the relevant call deadline. A complete proposal needs to include all parts or sections.
Proposals which do not meet these criteria may be declared inadmissible. The content of the proposal must relate to the objectives. If a proposal is considered not to relate to the objectives of the grant and/or call for proposals, it will be declared ineligible.
Applications where the Principal Investigator proposes to commit less time in the EU or an Associated Country or to the project than the minimum percentages.
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