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Europe Foundation inviting Georgian Civil Society Organizations for Open Door Grantmaking Program

Europe Foundation inviting Georgian Civil Society Organizations for Open Door Grantmaking Program

Deadline: 28 June 2019

Europe Foundation (EPF) is currently inviting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), registered and operating in Georgia, to participate in its Open Door Grantmaking Program.

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The Foundation’s flagship Open Door Grantmaking Program provides CSOs with one of the very few opportunities to be proactive in identifying and addressing local needs, developing fresh solutions and ideas to existing challenges.

Open Door Grantmaking Program is open for all types of CSOs and their projects that foster civic engagement and have the potential to be replicated either in geographic terms or across various issue areas.

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Submitted projects should provide realistic solutions to specific challenges and substantiate priority of these challenges by reliable data. Proposed methodology should clearly demonstrate broad civic engagement in identifying problems, finding solutions, and advocating for and implementing changes. Submitted proposalsshould lead to tangible and measurable social, political, economic, and/or behavioral changes at local, regional, or national levels.

Funding Information

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The analysis of projects funded by EPF in previous years showed that the majority of project budgets varied from GEL 40, 000 to GEL 45, 000, a range that enabled grantees to successfully achieve project goals and objectives. Therefore, EPF recommends applicants to take into account this condition when preparing project proposals.

Selection Criteria

Grants will be awarded to projects demonstrating the following:

  • Degree of compliance with the objectives and conditions of Open Door Grantmaking Program;
  • Effectiveness of project methodology, including a results-oriented, feasible, and needs based action plan ensuring wide participation of citizens in identification and addressing of salient local issues;
  • Scope of project impact;
  • Engagement of relevant stakeholders in achievement of project objectives;
  • Sound analysis of internal and external risks and efficient methods of risks mitigation;
  • Proper analysis of gender and minority considerations, to ensure equal participation and access of men and women, as well as representatives of different minority groups to project activities and products to influence decision-making processes;
  • Organization’s capacity to implement a project as demonstrated by: (a) relevant qualifications of the involved personnel and/or experts, (b) past experience of project implementation in relevant issue areas, and (c) capacity to manage a grant;
  • Cost-effectiveness of the project;
  • Sustainability of a project (please note that sustainability can refer to activities, structures, knowledge, and outcomes that result from project implementation).

How to Apply

Interested applicants may submit project inquiry or full application via email at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit http://www.epfound.ge/request-for-proposals-for-civil-society-organizations-3/

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