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EU invites Proposals: Pilot Project for the Safeguard & Promotion of Culture in the ORs and OCTs

EU invites Proposals: Pilot Project for the Safeguard & Promotion of Culture in the ORs and OCTs

Deadline: 16-Nov-20

European Commission is seeking applications for its Pilot project for the safeguard and promotion of culture in the Outermost regions and the Overseas Countries and Territories (ORs and OCTs) that aims at testing a viable and efficient scheme to provide financial support to individual artists, groups of artists and culture organizations and institutions, with the objective of “safeguarding, supporting and fostering the indigenous cultural richness of ORs and OCTs.”

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EU seeks to support culture and cultural diversity, in particular by promoting cultural participation, encouraging the mobility of professionals in the cultural and creative sectors, protecting and promoting Europe’s cultural heritage, and raising awareness on common history and values.


Implementation of activities to safeguard, support, foster and promote local and indigenous culture, popular arts and practices as well as the ancestral culture of OR and OCTs.
Implementation of activities to improve cultural dialogue and exchanges amongst ORs and OCTs and across the European Union.
Implementation of activities to promote the dissemination of cultural and creative works.
Analysis and Recommendations on the funding opportunities for the mobility of artists and/or cultural professionals.
Funding Information

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The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is estimated at EUR 1 000 000.

Eligibility Criteria

Proposals may be submitted by any of the following applicants:
non-profit organisations (private or public),
public authorities (national, regional, local),
international organisations,
educational institutions,
research centres.
Natural persons are not eligible.
For UK applicants: Please be aware that following the entry into force of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement on 1 February 2020 and in particular Articles 127(6), 137 and 138, the references to natural or legal persons residing or established in a Member State of the European Union are to be understood as including natural or legal persons residing or established in the United Kingdom. UK residents and entities are therefore eligible to participate under this call.
Only applications from legal entities established in the following countries are eligible:
EU Member States, including EU Outermost regions
Overseas Countries and Territories
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2FK8A4G

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