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Environment and Sustainability Community Funding – Australia

Environment and Sustainability Community Funding – Australia

Deadline: 31-Oct-20

The Ipswich City Council is seeking applications for Environment and Sustainability Community Funding.

Seed Grants
Caring for the environment is a significant theme in council’s strategic plan, Advance Ipswich. Through the Environment and Sustainability Community Funding Program, the natural environment can be cared for by providing assistance for community led initiatives that contribute to the protection, enhancement and sustainability of the environment within the Ipswich City Council area.

The program aims to encourage community involvement in the achievement of environmental sustainability, such as bush regeneration, sediment reduction into waterways, riparian restoration, environmental awareness, tree planting and land restoration.


The Environment and Sustainability Community Funding Program supports projects that:

increase community understanding of the value of the natural environment and local environmental and sustainability issues and impacts
increase community action that benefits the natural environment and/or sustainability
improve the condition of bush land or the conservation of native flora and fauna on private or public land
Effectively engage the community in improved waste reduction, reuse and recycling.
Examples of initiatives that may be applied for include:

conservation projects, programs and events
improvements to native habitat, waterways and parks
fauna and flora protection and conservation
tree planting
wildlife protection programs
Species recovery activities for rare and threatened species
sustainability projects
Purchase of equipment and materials for environmental initiatives. Materials may include local native plants, tree guards, materials that assist plant growth, weed control methods, tools and equipment to care for wildlife
Funding Information

Groups and organizations: $2,000
Wildlife carers: $1,000
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Environment and Sustainability Community Funding, applicants must:

be committed to providing direct benefits to the natural environment and sustainability of the City of Ipswich
be an entity that carries on activities for a public purpose or whose primary objective is not directed at making a profit, and do not receive sole benefit from the project
undertake the project, including wildlife rescue and release, within the geographic boundaries of the Ipswich local government area on private or public land
for projects which involve ongoing conservation, environmental or sustainability work, the establishment phase of the project is to be completed within 12 months of receiving the funding
Who can apply?

To be eligible for Environment and Sustainability Community Funding, applicants must be either:

a not-for-profit community organization
a not-for-profit community group
a primary or secondary registered school
a registered childcare center
a wildlife career

have no overdue debts with council and have satisfactorily accounted to council for the expenditure of any previous council funding
give permission for council to publish the name of the recipient and the funding amount in accordance with council’s requirements under the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012
have not received other funding from council for the same project
can demonstrate sound workplace health and safety practices
financially sound and capable of managing public funds
have a risk management plan in place (as required)
have evidence of owners consent to undertake the project (if relevant).
For more information, visit https://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/services/funding-and-support

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