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Ending Hunger Together Grants Program in the US

Ending Hunger Together Grants Program in the US

Deadline: 23-Nov-21

The Community Foundation of Central Illinois (CFCI) is inviting applications for the Ending Hunger Together Grants Program to address food insecurity in central Illinois by working to create a framework that mixes healthy food access, community education and economic / community development.

The Community Foundation is working to gain a broader understanding of challenges and opportunities within the food system as it exists within their community, with a goal of driving systematic, long-term change.
As such, CFCI is interested in investing in collaborative food system projects that are at the community (e.g. multi-neighborhood, city, or county) level. They are not looking to fund individual organizations working in isolation; rather, they are seeking innovative collaboration among 2 or more organizations.
Improve the emergency food system
Address the root causes of hunger
Make a significant impact and noticeably improve the quality of the food offered
Encourage true collaboration with measurable outcomes and metrics
Work to create a better model to address food insecurity needs in our community
Focus Areas
Projects should address at least two of CFCI’s three top areas of interest related to food insecurity throughout our communities:

Increasing healthy food access
Advancing community education
Creating economic/community development opportunities
Funding Information
Grants will be for one-year with a maximum award of $40,000.
Project Criteria
Focus on collaborative projects that help drive change for the entire community
Detailed sustainability plan required
Evidence-based practices required
Eligibility Criteria
Agencies must meet CFCI’s basic eligibility requirements:

Open to all organizations with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, those that operate under a fiscal agent that is a 501(c)(3) organization, and to local units of local, county, state or federal government.
Grant funding may support new or existing programs that positively benefit central Illinois.
Program must be operated and organized in such a manner that no applicable laws are violated.
Organization must be current on all CFCI grant evaluations.
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