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EMHRF: Submit Applications for Standard Grants Program

EMHRF: Submit Applications for Standard Grants Program

Deadline: 17-Jan-22

The Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders (EMHRF) is pleased to launch a call for applications for the Standard Grants Program.

The Foundation aims at providing flexible financial assistance to regional, national and local human rights NGOs and institutes as well as individuals who promote, support, protect and monitor the observance of human rights in the South-Mediterranean region.

Funding Information
The amount of funding requested may not exceed EUR 40,000. It usually falls between EUR 5,000 and EUR 30,000.
The maximum duration of support is 12-18 months.
The request is such that it cannot be supported under the same conditions by another national, regional or international organisation.
The Foundation reserves the right to ask for any other explanation/documentation to the candidates if needed and to decide on whether it will provide full or partial support.
Eligibility Criteria
The Foundation’s prime responsibility is to support human rights organisations and defenders in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Israel.
However, human rights organisations and defenders based outside these countries may be supported by the Foundation if their action has a positive impact on one or several of those countries.
The guidelines governing standard interventions are as follows:

Name of the organisation/entity
Country of origin
Country of residence, if different from the country of origin
Contact person
The legal profile of the applicant
Brief description of the profile of the organisation or entity.
Brief description of the origins and establishment of the organisation (registration).
A description of the composition and structure of the organisation, including information about the backgound and expertise of its leadership team. Also indicate the number/percentage of women in the organisation’s leadership.
A short summary of activities accomplished in the past, if any.
Brief description of the security management practices (ensuring the security of employees, partners and activities) used by the organisation, if necessary.
The financial profile of the applicant
Data on total revenues and expenditures in the previous year.
Data on overall annual provisional budget for the year of the request.
A complete list of past and current donors.
Indication of whether the applicant has had funding difficulties in the past and the specific reasons.
The request for funding
A description of the context in which your organisation/entity is working and the issues that your proposal will aim at addressing.
Indication of whether the applicant is requesting core funding/general support and if so, to describe the organisation’s overall work that will be sustained by the funding, or if the applicant is requesting funding for a particular programme, project or activity and to describe the project.
Objectives and expected results of the action.
Specify the amount of funding requested and attach a budget relating to the cost of the project or the needs to be financed.
Duration of the requested support.
Indication of the extent the project compliments the projects which have already been set up by other NGOs working on the same area in the region, Include details about the innovative nature of the proposal.
Assessment of the sustainability of the action.
Assessment of the financial sustainability of the organisation/entity after the end of the requested grant.
Indication of whether the applicant has presented this application to other potential donors. If so, the applicant has to provide the name of the donor, the amount requested and provide information as to the results of applicant’s efforts to secure funding – whether positive or negative and the reasons.
Presenting a list of all human rights organizations and/or institutions with whom the applicants are working or collaborating with in the country and elsewhere within the framework of the applicant’s activities.
Indication of a minimum of two references or partners/contact persons who may be contacted by the EMHRF for assistance or recommendation of the application.
The application should not exceed approx. 10 pages. The candidates can express themselves freely in their application and are free to provide further details.

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