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EMERGE Second Call for Proposals in Europe

EMERGE Second Call for Proposals in Europe

Deadline: 15-Oct-22

The EMERGE consortium, composed by 11 top-ranked European partners, opens the Second call for proposals on flexible large-area printed electronics and photonics.

Applicants from academia and industry are invited to apply to gain free access to develop projects related to any of the 4 groups of transnational access activities envisaged by EMERGE:

TA1: Modelling, simulation and design of materials, devices and systems
Access to design, modelling and simulation facilities will address projects oriented on high-resolution multiscale process simulations, as well as machine learning artificial intelligence based approaches giving insight and guidelines for novel material growth, functional design, and fabrication.
TA2: Material synthesis and ink formulation
Access to materials synthesis and characterization facilities will be devoted to faster, cheaper and more sustainable ink/ pastes formulation with improved quality control dedicated to specific application scopes.
TA3: Prototype fabrication
Access to prototypes fabrication facilities will focus on highly efficient production of sophisticated and complex flexible large-area printed electronics and photonics systems with high conformability and integrability dedicated to specific application needs allowing upscaling and technology transfer processes towards industrial production.
TA4: Characterization of prototypes and demonstrators
Access to demonstrators’ test, validation and characterization aims to establish performance and stability tests under industrial protocols in simulated and real conditions for various types of devices using a wide variety of available characterization methods aiming at specifying universal metrology protocols. Besides, it will offer solutions on encapsulation processes and investigations of ageing processes while developing automated testing setups to accelerate device evaluation.
Travel and accommodation financial support:

Besides the free-of-charge access to the EMERGE infrastructure, users with approved projects can benefit of travel and accommodation support, according to the following rules:
A maximum of 450 € for travel expenses (flight, train, rental car…) per person, for each accessed site, incurred on the days of the onward and return journey. The contribution will be equal to the incurred cost, if lower than the maximum value. Local transportation costs in the in-between days are not supported.
A maximum of 100 € per day, per person for accommodation expenses. The contribution will be equal to the incurred cost, if lower than the maximum value.
When the TLO contacts users to schedule their workplans it will send contact details of multiple travel agencies that are already aware of the financial support rules listed above. Users are thus recommended to make travel arrangements through any of those agencies to turn the financial support process simpler and faster for users and for the EMERGE consortium. Nevertheless, users are free to make their own travel arrangements. In that case, please contact the EMERGE coordination beforehand through the contact form or by sending an email so you are informed of all the requirements to be eligible for travel and accommodation financial support.
No other forms of financial support than those described above will be provided.
Eligibility Criteria
The access to the installations is awarded to one or more researchers (travel and subsistence costs only supported for a maximum of two researchers per proposal) in accordance with the following criteria:

The users must not work in the same country(ies) where the installations are located.
Russian Institutions/ Researchers
Following the new directives implemented by EU to suspend cooperation with Russia on research and innovation, in response to the Russian military aggression against Ukraine and in solidarity with the people of Ukraine (Press release), TA proposals are not considered eligible if they come from:
Russian researchers working in non-Russian/ Russian institutions.
Non-Russian researchers working in Russian institutions.
EU & Third Country Users
For approved proposals, the access is granted within the capacity of EMERGE for user groups working in an EU or associated countries. For groups containing users that are not working in an EU or associated country, access will be limited to 25 % of the total available access hours.
Users working with or for industry can apply for EMERGE access. There are two access modalities that can be chosen:
Free-of-charge access, in which the results are published.
Fee-based access, in which all work and results are confidential. In this case, the users should directly contact the project coordination through the contact form or by sending an email.
In the specific case of users working for SMEs, they are allowed to use results obtained within EMERGE for proprietary research. Proposals from these users are subjected to the same feasibility checks and scientific evaluation as those from academic-based users.
Dissemination Of Results
With the exceptions listed above for SMEs and Industry, users must be allowed to disseminate the results generated within EMERGE to apply for free-of-charge access to the infrastructure.
For more information, visit https://emerge-infrastructure.eu/apply-for-innovation/second-call-for-proposals/

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