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Economic Recovery and Resilience Fund in Canada

Economic Recovery and Resilience Fund in Canada

Deadline: 7-Sep-22

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is seeking applications for its Economic Recovery and Resilience Fund to strengthen the long-term economic resilience for Black children, youth and young adults in Ontario.

On behalf of the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism, the Youth Opportunities Fund is offering one-time, two-year grants to Black-led and Black-focused organizations through the Economic Recovery and Resilience Fund.

Guiding Principles

Projects funded need to be informed by a common set of guiding principles in line with the Ministry’s vision of economic empowerment:
Promoting cultural safety: Initiatives support Black children, youth, and young adults to cultivate and enhance their identity, culture, and sense of belonging to their community as an important factor in working towards their goals.
Celebrating Black excellence: Initiatives seek opportunities to recognize the achievements, successes, and contributions of Ontario’s Black communities. Knowledge of the rich culture and history of Ontario’s Black communities is foregrounded and celebrated.
Challenging anti-Black racism: Initiatives actively work to combat historical and ongoing anti-Black racism and create encouraging and supportive environments for Black children, youth, and young adults to thrive.
Removing financial barriers: Initiatives are designed to be accessible and remove financial barriers for participating Black children, youth, young adults and families as they engage in programming.
Funding Information

Term Length: Maximum 24 months
Amount Awarded (Per Year): Maximum $125,000
Eligible Projects

Eligible projects need to:
build skills and knowledge
create opportunities for safe, meaningful work
provide access to relevant networks
Eligibility Criteria

Any one of the following organizations may be eligible for funding:
A charitable organization or foundation registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
An organization incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation without share capital in a Canadian jurisdiction
A collaboration of two or more organizations may be eligible, where the lead organization meets OTF eligibility criteria, and accepts responsibility for the application and grant including financial and reporting accountability. Refer to OTF’s Collaborative Applicants Policy.
In addition to meeting OTF’s Eligibility Policy, organizations that are registered charities or not-for-profit must meet one of the following categories:
A Black-led organization:
Black identity is at the centre of the organization’s mandate and programming
Majority of the governance structure is held by Black people
Black staff are included at the executive and senior level, and in all decision-making and service delivery positions within the organization
A Black-focused organization:
Programming for Black communities is part of the organization’s commitment
Black people are represented within the governance structure
Black staff are involved in the delivery of culturally responsive programs and services
A Collaborative that include at least one eligible member (the “lead organization”).
The lead organization must be a Black-led or Black-focused organization.
The collaborative must include partners from sectors and backgrounds relevant to the focus of the project. This includes Black-led organizations, organizations led by and serving Black communities, grassroots groups, youth-led groups, and community networks.
Projects need to benefit:
Black children, youth, and young adults between the ages of 6 and 25, and/or
Black children, youth, and young adults living with special needs between the ages of 6 and 29 years.
Geographic Scope
The Economic Recovery and Resilience Fund is available to Black-led and Black-focused organizations and collaboratives in rural, midsize and urban communities outside the Greater Toronto Area.
Organizations based in York, Durham, Toronto, Peel and Halton (GTA) are not eligible.
For more information, visit https://www.otf.ca/our-grants/youth-opportunities-fund/economic-recovery-and-resilience-fund#eligibility

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