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ECF’s Community Waste Reduction Projects – Hong Kong

ECF’s Community Waste Reduction Projects – Hong Kong

Deadline: 16-Nov-20

The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) is seeking applications for its Community Waste Reduction Projects, which are community-based and result-oriented, aim to enhance awareness and ensure sustained participation of the public in solid waste recycling, reduction, separation, and recovery. Such projects should bring about a sustained and tangible effect in local communities, and thus should not be one-off publicity events.

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ECF was set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to provide funding support for educational, research and other projects and activities in relation to environmental and conservation matters. The objectives are to promote individual behavioural and lifestyle changes to achieve sustainable development and develop or introduce innovative technologies and practices to improve the environment and conserve resources.

Vetting Procedures

A Waste Reduction Projects Vetting Sub-committee (the Vetting Sub-committee) has been established under the ECF Committee to consider waste reduction projects. The Vetting Subcommittee may comprise representatives of the ECF Committee, Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC), Advisory Council on the Environment’s Waste Management Subcommittee and/or Environmental Protection Department (EPD) as appropriate.
The Vetting Sub-committee can approve grants up to HK$2,000,000 for a project. For applications with a budget supported by the Vetting Sub-Committee of above HK$2,000,000, the recommendation of the Vetting Sub-committee has to be endorsed by the ECF Committee.
The following steps will be taken normally within 6 months after an application is received –
Step 1: Upon receipt of an application, the Secretariat will send an acknowledgement notice to the applicant organisation. Where necessary, the applicant organisation will be requested to provide clarification or supplementary information.
Step 2: The application will be considered by the Vetting Sub-committee.
Step 3: For funding an application with a budget of HK$2,000,000 or below, the Vetting Subcommittee will either approve or reject the application. In the process, the Vetting Sub-committee will consider the proposed budget, and where necessary, amend details of the proposed budget and set ceilings for individual expenditure items.
Step 4: For funding an application with a budget of above HK$2,000,000, the Vetting Subcommittee will either recommend the application for consideration by the ECF Committee or reject it.
Step 5: The Secretariat will also upload information of the approved projects on the ECF website.
Eligibility Criteria

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Local non-profit making organisations (e.g. community bodies, green groups, etc.) are eligible to apply.
Each Community Waste Reduction Project should last for at least twelve months and normally not more than two years, unless with justifications.
The following broad criteria are used in assessing the merits of individual applications:
The project must contribute to promoting waste prevention and recovery in Hong Kong, raise awareness or mobilise the local community to take action in waste reduction, separation and recovery.
The benefits must accrue to the district/local community, but not limited to individuals, a single private organisation or a consortium of private companies.
The project must be non-profit making in nature.
For more information, visit https://www.ecf.gov.hk/en/application/index.html#cwrp

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