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DP World recrute 01 Spécialiste de l’automatisation des grues

DP World recrute 01 Spécialiste de l’automatisation des grues

DP World hiring Crane Automation Specialist.


  • Manage with the resources made available to reach the performance objectives (KPI) of the Maintenance Department: « MMBF, Availability, etc”;
  • Follow up all automation activities/systems PLC/INVERTERS/HMIs/Anti-collisioins/ CMS/RCMS/… within cranes section AND TO ENSURE ALL AARE WORKING PROPERLY AND HAS BACKUP FOR ALL;
  • Train the local team about automation SIEMENS/ABB/SICK/KC;
  • Supervise the execution of the planned works according to the priorities and the availability of the equipment;
  • Following and closing action plan engineering, safety and safety compliance;
  • Create and follow PRs / POs with purchasing and warehouse and replying for technical offers specs to comply with existing parts and equipments;
  • Control spare parts cost and follow stock to get all equipment steady;
  • Check repeated BDNs and to provide solution either by Modification or/and accurate maintenance;
  • Follow the system of work orders (WO), their weekly closing and solve any unforeseen;
  • In the event of an accident, note, take stock with the Crane Manager/Superintendent , make repairs and produce a report with supporting photos if necessary;
  • Report the work to be done by the next shift and send it to the Superintendent and other users;
  • Plan the execution of the daily work with his management, their realization and the cleaning of the workplaces by the staff with the Senior;
  • Supervise/attend maintenance and repair work directly or through seniors and supervisors;
  • Interact to solve any challenge when needed on site on equipments;
  • Transmit the appropriate procedures and assign the tasks to be performed by the collaborators;
  • To attend the training of the technical staff of DP World Dakar if necessary;
  • Perform the daily reporting of the work done;
  • Take great care of all equipment and properties of DP World Dakar;
  • Actively participate in the HSSE and Engineering procedures improvement actions of DP World Dakar;
  • Reporting the difficulties faced during work, deficiencies in Staff performance and proposes the necessary suggestions to overcome them and improve Staff skills;
  • Assist in the training of technical Staff as required;
  • Perform other duties as may be requested by his manager;
  • Fully comply with all DPW DKR HSSE policies, Departmental SOPs etc;
  • Promote a culture to ensure full compliance with all applicable Safety Standards;
  • Take diligent care of all DPW DKR property and materials;
  • Actively participate in relevant DPW DKR, ENG and HSSE Process Improvement initiatives, other Continuous Improvement Programs and initiatives ;
  • Ensure that all his subordinates thoroughly understand all relevant work procedures;
  • Ensure all subordinates fully understand and comply with all DPW DKR, ENG and HSSE SOPs;
  • Personally, visit at regular intervals work site where his subordinates are working;
  • Work closely with reliability team killing repeated faults by RCA and A3;
  • Work closely with LEAN department and applying KAIZENS;
  • Ensure that all his staff (agent) understands and applies all HSP and technical SOPs of DP World Dakar;
  • Ensure the consideration of 5S in the various areas of work, equipment, offices, vehicles and pick up within his area;

Job requirements

  • Engineer’s degree in electric/control/Automation;
  • 08 years at least in port equipment’s or heavy machinery; 3 years at least in senior supervisory level;
  • Good knowledge in machinery, hydraulics, engines, generators, STS, RTG, mobile cranes and heavy equipment in general, control, ABB ACS800/ACS880/AC500/AC800/Siemens, PLC, SIMATIC programming, ELFA, SINAMICS, HMIs, Loadcells calibration, CCTV, SIADIS, SCOUT, KC RTGs, SICK LASER sensors and profiling, PCs backup and restoring.

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