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DLGSC’s Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund – Australia

DLGSC’s Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund – Australia

Deadline: 22-Oct-20

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) is seeking applications for Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund.

Seed Grants
The department acknowledges that the arts and cultural industries have experienced, and will continue to experience, disruption from the impacts of COVID-19.


Funding delivered through the Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund is intended to:

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encourage the expression and preservation of traditional and contemporary regional Western Australian Aboriginal cultures, communities, and identities through the arts;
support the development of significant and large-scale works created and produced by Aboriginal artists in regional Western Australia;
enable employment opportunities for regional Aboriginal artists, arts workers and communities;
showcase the unique stories of Western Australia’s First Nations peoples and engage new and diverse audiences.
Funding Information

Eligible applicants can apply for up to $300,000 to support the direct costs of commissioning, developing and producing new large-scale work.
The project must be completed within 24 months of receiving the funds.
Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply
Community organisations;
Regional organisations;
Aboriginal communities.
Applications are open to Western Australian based:
Aboriginal artists, producers, storytellers, performers, writers and arts and cultural organisations;
organisations that work with Aboriginal artists, producers and arts organisations whose applications demonstrate:
evidence of significant Aboriginal involvement in the project, including concept planning, development of the work, decision-making and management;
partnerships underpinned by Aboriginal self-determination and cultural and creative control, articulated via an appropriate agreement such as a Memorandum of Understanding.
The artist/s undertaking the work must be based in regional or remote Western Australia. Where a work draws on culture or stories local to a particular area, the application must demonstrate that the key personnel is representative of that area, or that appropriate consultation has occurred.
Any of the above parties can be the primary applicant; however, it is recommended that the application is prepared and submitted by the party that will take the lead on coordinating the commission.
The Aboriginal Arts Commissioning Fund supports the direct costs of commissioning, developing and producing new work. Applications can be for one or more of the following:
creating new work in dance, music, writing, theatre, craft and/or visual arts;
research, development, presentation and/or production of new work;
collaborations (individuals, groups and/or organisations) to produce new work in one or several art forms.
In addition, commissions that involve collaborations with any of the following parties will be highly regarded:
young people;
Western Australian artists or organisations;
Culture and Arts Portfolio agencies – Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth Theatre Trust, State Library of Western Australia (including the State Records Office of Western Australia) and the Western Australian Museum;
national or international arts companies, organisations or festivals.
What can’t you apply for?

Purchase of capital equipment including instruments, equipment, software, computers, tablets (iPads) and/or uniforms;
capital works such as construction or purchasing of studios, workspaces or gallery spaces;
activities already funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries’ culture and the arts grant programs;
activities relating to radio broadcasting;
display, restoration or conservation of cultural and/or historical material;
costs of manufacturing and/or producing prototypes;
fundraising, competitions, prizes and trophies;
the work of State or Federal government departments;
activity that will be academically assessed or any school curriculum-based activity;
facsimiles, genealogical works and histories of local governments, clubs, districts and organisations;
activities related to an individual’s membership in a national organisation;
ongoing staffing costs;
film and television activities such as:
the development or production of narrative shorts or features, pilots for television series, mainstream animation e.g. conventional character-based narrative cartoons;
documentaries, including documentaries on the arts;
screenwriting activities or script development for film and television;
stand-alone documentation activities;
education activities, or activities where members of the public take part, where the main or only artform being used is a film or digital unless it’s in support of an artist’s work.
How to Apply?

Please apply using the Online Grants web portal.
More information on how to apply can be found in the application manual.
For your reference, the core application questions are required.
The key dates calendar has an opening and closing dates, activity start dates and draft review deadlines.
For more information, visit https://bit.ly/33WoGSb

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