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Digital Transformation Grants 2022 Now Open

Digital Transformation Grants 2022 Now Open

Deadline: 25-Apr-22

The Asfari Foundation has announced the Digital Transformation Grants 2022 to support organisations to enhance their digital presence and delivery, enabling them to grow their impact and sustainability.

Funding Information
The Foundation will provide up to 10 grants (one-off) of £7,000 each.

Why are they offering the grant?
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the existing global trend towards increased digitisation and mainstreaming of innovative online collaboration, delivery and learning technologies – areas in which their sector has traditionally lagged. They firmly believe that enabling this shift is critical, not just for adapting how their sector continues to deliver impact in the short-term in a world of lockdowns and social distancing, but also ensuring organisations are able to thrive in the medium to long-term, leveraging technology to become more agile, more resilient, and even more impactful.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicant organisations:

Should be registered organisations working in the youth and civil society sectors on the following themes: media, governance, innovation, entrepreneurship, citizenship, and education/learning.
Should be non-profits and/or social enterprises with a social mission. They will prioritise small and medium-sized organisations, but all organisations are welcome to apply, regardless of their annual budget.
Should already have plans in place (and have taken steps) towards developing their digital presence and delivery.
Should be founded by Syrians, Lebanese, or Palestinians and working in Lebanon (or be Syrian-founded and based anywhere), focused on supporting those in the Levant region.
Should not be current partners of the Foundation.
Note: They particularly welcome applications from new organisations founded by young people, and organisations headed by women.

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