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Delaware Division for the Artist: Artist Opportunity Grants (US)

Delaware Division for the Artist: Artist Opportunity Grants (US)

Deadline: 1-Oct-21

The Delaware Division for the Artist is seeking applications for its Artist Opportunity Grants to support unique professional and artistic development and presentation opportunities for artists.

Examples include: materials to complete work for a specific show or program; the cost to rent a facility for a performance; study with a master for a specified period of time. Evaluation criteria include: anticipated impact on the artist’s work or career; financial feasibility and need; marketing plans; and uniqueness of the opportunity.

Grant Categories

Artists will select one of two grant categories

Professional and Artistic Development
Artists may apply for funding for unique, short-term opportunities that will significantly advance their work or careers, such as: study with a significant master available for a limited time, or participation in a residency or exchange program. Travel costs are not covered but should be included in the budget.
Presentation Opportunities
Artists may apply for funding for unique, short-term opportunities that will significantly advance their work or careers such as: materials to complete work committed to an exhibition, performance, or publication; contracting of professional services; or rental of equipment, instruments, or work space for a specific performance, exhibition, or publication opportunity.
Funding Information

Applicants can request up to 80% of the opportunity cost not to exceed $750.
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an Individual Artist Opportunity Grant, applicants must be:

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A resident of Delaware for at least one year at the time of application
A legal resident possesses a valid Delaware driver’s license or DMV issued identification card and files state income taxes in Delaware as a full-year resident.
Eighteen (18) years of age or older.
Not enrolled in a degree-granting program.
Not a current Delaware Division of the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship recipient.
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