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Deihl Community Grants Program: Greater Manhattan Community Foundation

Deihl Community Grants Program: Greater Manhattan Community Foundation

Deadline: 30-Dec-20

The Greater Manhattan Community Foundation is accepting applications for the Deihl Community Grants Program.

1000 new grants and donors
Grants are intended to support projects likely to have a major impact on community efforts in the arts, basic human needs and youth.
Typically, proposals should require awards exceeding $10,000.
Proposals generally should not be made for projects requiring ongoing support from GMCF, although multi-year funding to reach an approved project total will be considered.
A request for proposal process with a set submission time is not in effect.
Non-profit organizations with a potential project should complete the online application that includes a letter of intent/interest to the GMCF for initial screening by the Deihl grants committee. A subsequent interview of proposers is common.
Proposals for larger or more complex projects should include an especially detailed budget specifying the cost of each element of the project.
The GMCF Deihl Community Grants committee meets quarterly to review those requests for which they desire more information in a face-to-face presentation. You will be notified if this is requested of your organization.

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