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D4D Call for Proposals: Improving Socio-Economic Opportunities and Perspectives for Women and Men in BiH

D4D Call for Proposals: Improving Socio-Economic Opportunities and Perspectives for Women and Men in BiH

Deadline: 28 June 2019

The Development Diaspora Project (D4D) has announced a Public Call for Proposals for Grants to Support Investments in Partnership with Diaspora.

D4D is a project of the Government of Switzerland and the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in BiH. The main objective of the project is to contribute to improving socio-economic opportunities and perspectives for women and men in BiH, as well as to improving their quality of life through stronger cooperation with diaspora. This goal will be achieved through three key results:

  • The Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH, in cooperation with governmental institutions at different levels, continue to develop their instruments to actively connect, secure exchanges and engage members and organizations of the Diaspora.
  • Local self-government units coordinate their development strategies with the strategic orientation of higher levels of government in terms of diaspora, provide better services to diasporas, and encourage initiatives that attract knowledge and investment of diasporas into the local community.
  • Diaspora partners transfer knowledge and skills and realize joint ventures with private sector stakeholders in BiH, contributing to the creation of new jobs.Within the Investment Fund, through this public call, support will be given to investment projects that through productive business cooperation with BH. diaspora, contribute to improving competitiveness, access to new markets, business growth and creation of new jobs in BiH.

Grant Information

  • Total available financial resources (in the form of grants) according to this public call amount to a total of 1,400,000 KM.
  • The maximum amount of financial support under the project is 200,000 KM, while the minimum amount of economic support per project is 88,000 KM.
  • The proposer of the investment project must provide a co-financing of at least 60% of the total amount of the investment.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to fulfill the eligibility conditions, applicants of investment projects must be:

  • Legal person / business associates:
    • Has its headquarters in the territory of FBiH and BD BiH;
    • it operates positively in 2017 (or in the previous calendar year prior to submitting a proposal for an investment project);
    • regularly paid taxes, contributions and salaries;
    • the participation of Diaspora partners in the proposed project is ensured, which can include:
      • about a joint investment with a diaspora partner that involves changing the ownership structure of the applicant for an investment project (e.g. proof of joint investment in an existing company); or
      • expanding the current activity through the clearly defined role of the diaspora in this extension; or
      • the proposer of the investment project has a diaspora in its ownership structure or top management and invests new financial resources in expanding the capacity and current activities; or
      • Applicant of the investment project proposal has an agreement on the purchase in its value chain with representatives of the diaspora (which may be the owners of companies or highly positioned in the management of a legal entity operating abroad), which will provide him with increased sales, exports, productivity, etc.; or
      • any other legally binding contract that is the basis for the planned investment with a diaspora partner, whether it is a natural or legal person.
  • In the context of this public call, diaspora is considered to be persons originating in BiH, living abroad, including persons born in BiH and their descendants.
    • One applicant may submit only one proposal for an investment project.
    • Registration of several legal entities through one proposal is acceptable provided that only one legal entity can be the bearer of the implementation of the investment project, while all other entities can only be partners. This means that only one true person is responsible for the overall implementation of the project, including financial obligations. The above mentioned eligibility conditions must also be met by the project partner / s, if it is a consortium.
  • The proposed investment projects, including all the activities envisaged by them, must be realized in the territory of the FBiH and BD BiH and completed by 30 June 2020.

How to Apply

Proposals must be delivered in a sealed envelope by registered post, courier or personally to the address given on the website.

Eligible Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

For more information, please visit Call for Proposals.

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