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CSI Tech Incubator Program: Getting Early-Stage Tech Entrepreneurs to the Next Stage (US)

CSI Tech Incubator Program: Getting Early-Stage Tech Entrepreneurs to the Next Stage (US)

Deadline: 31-Mar-23

Submit applications for the College of Staten Island Tech Incubator Program to help early-stage tech entrepreneurs grow and scale their business by leveraging university networks and resources as well as providing a 9-week program focused on business development, digital strategy, and operation scaling.

In addition to their robust curriculum, they have assembled an excellent mentor network of experienced tech founders, investors and subject matter experts. The team of experienced mentors, work with your team personally to understand your business challenges and work with you to solve them.

Their consulting style program gives companies the attention they need to grow and scale. They believe that every business is unique in what they need to advance. They team works with founders directly on solving problems and guiding them through each step on the path to growth.

Focus Areas
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Brand Building
  • Business Development
  • Customer Engagement
  • Community Impact
  • Digital Strategy
  • Scaling a Team
  • Raising Capital
  • Content Strategy
Funding Information
  • National Grid – $250,000 Downtown
  • Revitalization Initiative (NYC Governor) – $2,314,000
  • New York City Council – $2,925,000

More than just curriculum, they pride theirselves on helping to see you through your business challenges. In your first mentoring session they will learn about your business challenges and goals. With that they will work with you and your team personally throughout and beyond the program to help you achieve your goals and get to the next stage as a business. Of course, curriculum is important, but they believe every company has unique challenges that need to be addressed with an individualized touch.

Beyond getting hands on consulting, some of the benefits of the program are:

  • Mentor Network
  • Business Development Curriculum
  • Investor Network
  • Access to Office Space
  • CSI Campus Engagement
  • Events & Programming
  • Free & Discounted Resources
  • Access to CUNY & CSI Facilities
  • No Equity Fees
  • The biggest benefit of all is working with a team that is deeply passionate about your success. They are deeply committed to the success of all our companies to make sure you’re new venture is getting the support and resources it needs.

For more information, visit College of Staten Island.

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