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COOPI recruits 01 Security Focal Point-Soudan

COOPI recruits 01 Security Focal Point

COOPI is looking for a Security Focal Point in Sudan

COOPI has been present in Sudan since 2004 and in more in specific in North Darfur. The recent history of Sudan is marked by strong disorders and violence, expressions of a civil war that on several occasions has shaken the country since its independence. Since 2019, COOPI’s interventions focused also in the Kassala region that for a long time has been the scene of armed clashes and particularly hit by periods of severe drought.

Purpose of the role

The main objective of the Security Focal Point is to contribute to ensuring the safety and security of COOPI’s staff, beneficiaries and assets in Sudan, as well as to support continuity of programmes through ensuring implementation of risk analysis, security framework and protocols. The secondary key objective is to build capacity in safety and security management across mission team at all levels and to identify and train a national security focal point.


Security Department

  • In collaboration with the Head of Mission, definition of needs, recruitment and induction of the Country Security team ;
  • Elaboration of the security management policy for the country, in collaboration with the Head of Mission and the Security Advisor ;
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities of all mission staff with regard to security management ;
  • Continual supervision and coaching of country security officers, including guards and drivers.

Policies and Procedures

  • Work with the Country logistic Coordinator and the Head of mission to develop, consolidate, implement, and regularly review operating procedures and security plans ;
  • Monitor the security situation in the field, reports to the Head of Mission and to the Country Logistics Coordinator, promptly and effectively report risks and propose mitigation actions ;
  • In coordination with the Country Logistics and the Head of mission, revises and updates the organization’s security tools.

Staff and Vehicle Movement

  • In collaboration with the logistics and project team, monitor movement and provide security guidance to international and national staff on the current situation in operational areas ;
  • Daily track and record all COOPI field movements ;
  • Serve as focal point with drivers during interstate movement by tracking the location of all vehicles and staff and communicate with Country Logistic Coordinator/logistics officers ;
  • Regularly conduct field visits to assess field site compliance with safety and security procedure during field activities ;
  • Ensure vehicle and personal tracking systems are appropriate, fully resourced, and operational.

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Collect and report information regarding politics and security in the Country as well as on safety and security issues concerning COOPI ;
  • Respond to security relevant incidents with information gathering and inform the COOPI Country Logistic Coordinator and the Head of Mission ;
  • Undertake continual assessments of equipment (including vehicles) and organizational assets to ensure that minimal conditions for security are met. Prevent loss and damage by reporting irregularities; informing violators of policy and procedures;
  • Conduct monthly health and safety inspections such as, but not limited to: fire extinguishers, smoke/fire detectors and inspection of COOPI facilities in the Country ;
  • Regularly inventory and stock as necessary hibernation kits, first aid kits, and vehicle safety kits, communication gadgets; ensure that staff know what is in the kits and how and when to use them ;
  • Submit regular contextual updates (weekly/monthly situational reports) to the Head of Mission and the Country Logistic coordinator ;
  • Work closely with COOPI field teams to ensure all incidents are followed up with an official written Incident Report, which is then shared with relevant stakeholders and filed appropriately;
  • Take appropriate measures to secure COOPI premises, personnel, assets, and properties by regularly monitoring and control of COOPI existing security set-up;
  • Liaise with other humanitarian actors in the field in order to obtain information on the safety and security situation ;
  • Gather security incidents concerning areas of operations and organize them in a security incident database (mapping of security incidents, graphics and data) ;
  • Regularly analyze and update COOPI’s vulnerabilities in its areas of intervention ;
  • Immediate alerts in the event of a drastic change in the context or significant incidents ;
  • Advise and propose solutions (in particular to improve access to beneficiaries) proactively.

Coordination and Networking

  • Maintain a wide professional and personal network of influential actors and clearly communicate COOPI’s status and mission in the area ;
  • Participate in meetings concerning security ;
  • Create, develop and maintain a contextual and security information and exchange networks in COOPI intervention areas in Sudan;
  • Develop and maintain a security network with COOPI players already present in the areas of intervention;
  • Build acceptance to facilitate continuity of current COOPI programs and any future humanitarian or development programming by liaising with local communities, local authorities and other humanitarian actors and stakeholders within the states;
  • Coordinate regularly with the Head of Mission and the Country Logistic Coordinator on safety and security issues and fulfill all reporting requirements.

Safety Procedures

  • Regularly update and monitor Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and ensure their compliance with COOPI security rules ;
  • Propose, define and write new SOPs when needed on the mission ;
  • Carry out regular site visits to verify the knowledge, application and validity of SOPs ;
  • Ensure the proper use, operation, updating of equipment and practical safety measures (safety trunks, safe-rooms, etc.). Correct any problems (explanation-training for staff, implementation, proposals for change or improvement of SOPs, etc.) and report to his superiors on the state of security on the bases ;
  • Ensure the implementation and respect of the SOPs on the mission, in conjunction with the Logistics Department with regard to their technical and practical application as well as the monitoring of materials related to security;
  • Contribute to the development of risk mitigation strategies, including the drafting or adaptation of SOPs to the environment, Safety instructions and Contingency Plans (including Crisis response, Relocation plan, hibernation Relocation Plan and Evacuation Plan);
  • Ensure that perimeter security staff (guards) have the capacities to perform their duties as per the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Briefing and Training

  • Conduct security briefings for new staff (national and expatriate) on security rules and context of intervention, and provide them with the essential documents and tools according to their roles and needs ;
  • Ensure the distribution of the Constant Companion (contact list of the base / mission) ;
  • Train or organise training for staff in security management, the use of means of communication, security rules or any other support that can improve the security of the mission ;
  • Remain available to staff in the event of a request for support related to the context or security and being proactive if a need is identified.


Experiences / Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field or equivalent combination of experience and education ;
  • Minimum of 3 years experience providing security support to international missions in Africa and developing countries;
  • Experience working and living in complex political environment or developing countries;

Hard/Soft skills

  • Strong oral and written communications skills in English ;
  • Ability to plan, organize, coordinate and implement security operations in the field ;
  • Proven ability in teaching and coaoching in security domain ;
  • Working knowledge of PC-based word processing and spreadsheet applications.
  • Ability to analyze multiple issues and develop specific recommendations;
  • Flexibility and adaptability in order to rapidly develop relevant advises based on changing geopolitical context.

We reserve the right to close the vacancy prior to the application closing date, once a sufficient number of applications have been received.

Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI) is an Italian humanitarian non-governmental organization founded in Milan in 1965.  For more than 50 years of long-term support and constant presence in the field, COOPI has been engaged in breaking the cycle of poverty and responding to specific emergencies in numerous sectors, including Food Security, Humanitarian Aid, Health, Socio-Economical Services, Water and Sanitation, Human Rights, Education and Training, Migrations and Sustainable Energy.

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