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Community Strengthening Grants – Environment and Sustainability (Australia)

Community Strengthening Grants – Environment and Sustainability (Australia)

Deadline: 2-May-22

The Golden Plains Shire Council is inviting applications for its Community Strengthening Grants – Environment and Sustainability.

Is your Golden Plains community group looking for funding for a project or program?

Council’s Community Strengthening Grants Program has been a valuable source of financial support for local events and projects in Golden Plains Shire communities for 26 years.

Grant Streams

Examples may include:
Environmental Sustainability – to meet the needs of the present but also provides a quality environment for future generations
Resilience – sustained ability of a community to use available resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations
Environment – the physical and biological surroundings, both where they work and live and the way these affect how people feel
Waste – covers waste management activities including reducing landfill waste, increasing recycling, composting, improving community knowledge on waste actions
Funding Information

Grants of up to $10,000.
Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must be from a community group or organization.
Community groups and organizations must be:
not for profit; and
incorporated or have an auspice arrangement.
Groups may submit multiple applications per round, but they must be for different projects and cannot be the same application over multiple streams.
Government organizations and agencies are not eligible to apply. However, kindergartens, Committees of Management, other community committees, and local branches of larger organizations (e.g. CFA and SES) are eligible where significant community benefit can be demonstrated.
The project must be carried out within the Shire and benefit Golden Plains Shire communities and residents.
Primary and Secondary schools are eligible to apply as long as the project is not solely curriculum-based and can strongly demonstrate a partnership with another community organization or have a joint-use agreement in place guaranteeing community access.
Previously funded applicants must have no outstanding debts or overdue acquittals with Golden Plains Shire Council.
Applicant must have a level of public liability insurance appropriate to cover the project. This is where if increased insurance is required, it could form part of the application.
Applicant must provide quotes or evidence to support the budget for any individual expenditure over $250.
Applicant must match the requested funding through either cash or in-kind (volunteer labor) contributions.
The following rates should be used as a guide when calculating in-kind budget expenses:
Community group/individual labor: $30 per hour.
Professional labor provided by a qualified tradesperson: $45 per hour.
The number of times an applicant has previously received funding through the Community The strengthening Grants program will be considered during the assessment process. The council may choose not to fund a project by applicants who have previously received funding should the program be oversubscribed.
For facilities improvements, the applicant must either be the owner of the land/building/facility or have written consent from the owner. Consent evidence must be in writing and attached to the online application.
If the community facility is on Council-owned land/property, the applicant must discuss the project with a Golden Plains Shire Council officer before applying.
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