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Community Development Committee Administrative Grant Program (Jamaica)

Community Development Committee Administrative Grant Program (Jamaica)

Deadline: 31-Jan-22

The Social Development Commission (SDC) is currently inviting applications for the Community Development Committee (CDC) Administrative Grant Program.

Improve administrative systems of functional groups
Strengthen the participatory governance framework
Bolster capacity of CDCs to implement social and economic projects within community
Improve relationship with central and local kovernment
CDCs currently experience difficulties to finance costs incurred for administrative duties such as maintaining a secretariat, covering utilities, purchasing stationery and office equipment. The ability of CDCs to access grant funding or pursue economic and social projects are oftentimes dependent on their level of organisation and administrative competencies. Given the aforementioned realities the administrative grant has been established to provide financial support on a quarterly basis to CDCs that are eligible.

Funding Information
Each eligible CDC will receive $15,000 quarterly or $30,000 biannually.

Eligibility Criteria
Any CDC can apply if the:

The CDC is listed on the SDC Community Listings Database
The CDC has a constitution
The CDC has been in existence for more than 1 year
The CDC is active and functional
The CDC owns a bank account
The CDC must be able to present to the Commission the Minutes of the last three meetings held or one held in the last six months prior to closure of Call under COVID-19 conditions only
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