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Community Capital Works Fund to stimulate the Economy (Australia)

Community Capital Works Fund to stimulate the Economy (Australia)

Deadline: 23-Nov-20

The Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI), within the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) is seeking applications for its Community Capital Works Fund (CCWF) to provide an opportunity to stimulate the economy and enable the Western Australian community to recover from COVID-19 by creating immediate opportunities for local businesses in the building and construction sector.

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The program provides funding to culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities in Western Australia to carry out capital works projects to improve their existing facilities and enhance services to the community.

Funding Information

The CCWF is a competitive funding opportunity with a total value of $3 million.
One-off grants of up to $250,000 can be used to support individual projects that involve maintenance, refurbishment, upgrades, or extensions of existing facilities.
What costs can be supported?

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Repairs and/or upgrades to existing facilities (e.g. roof repairs, kitchen renovation, lighting upgrades);
Improvements and/or accessibility enhancements to existing facilities (e.g. accessible bathrooms, entry/exit ramps, handrailing, accessible parking);
Building extensions to existing facilities;
Safety and security improvements that require installation by a local business/tradesperson (e.g. fixed security cameras);
Purchase or refurbishment of fixed equipment that requires installation by a local business/tradesperson (e.g. kitchen hardware);
Planning and approval costs.
What costs cannot be supported?

Expenses that have already occurred prior to funding approval;
Purchase of land and/or buildings;
Existing, ongoing or recurrent organisational costs (e.g. salaries, fees, loan repayments, and lease or rental payments);
Recurring maintenance or operational costs (e.g. refuse collection, emergency service levy (ESL), rates, utilities and building insurance or other insurance);
Purchase of non-fixed or portable equipment (e.g. furniture, white goods, electronic goods, and vehicles);
Feasibility plans;
Interstate or overseas travel (inbound or outbound, including airfares) and related accommodation costs;
The cost of prizes or gifts.
What applications cannot be supported?

Funding cannot be considered for capital works projects that:

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Have already taken place;
Are planned to commence after 30 June 2021;
Would be more appropriately supported through an alternative funding source;
Are solely for a commercial or non-community benefit;
Improves staff office spaces of CaLD community service organisations;
Take place outside of Western Australia;
Are at facilities/buildings primarily used as a place of worship or for religious activities;
Do not meet Australian Design Standards.
Eligibility Criteria

Applicant organisations must:
Be either a CaLD community association or a community service organisation specifically established to provide services or advocacy for CaLD communities.
Be a not-for-profit organisation or community association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015, and be based in Western Australia.
Facility/building must:
Be owned and/or managed by the applicant organisation.
Be situated on land owned by the applicant organisation or held on a long-term lease by the applicant organisation.
Be used for community purposes such as cultural events, or linguistic, social or welfare activities.
Auspice arrangements are not accepted for applications to the CCWF.
Who is not eligible?
Local, State and Commonwealth Government agencies;
Unincorporated not-for-profit organisations;
Commercial or for-profit organisations;
Educational institutions/agencies including schools, universities and TAFE colleges;
Political organisations.
For more information, visit https://omi.wa.gov.au/funding/community-capital-works-fund

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