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Community Activity Fund in the United Kingdom

Community Activity Fund in the United Kingdom

Deadline: 3-Dec-21

The Ripple Effect has launched Community Activity Fund for local community groups, voluntary groups and organisations (not Education Establishments) to:

Address the recommendations from the Ripple Effect community research
Deliver activity from January 2022.
The Ripple Effect Community Activity Fund has been provided by Glasgow City Alcohol and Drug Partnership and is co-ordinated by Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership Health Improvement.

For the Ripple Effect Community Activity Fund 2021/22, recognition of these wider impacts and harms on health and wellbeing are strongly encouraged in applications, particularly with a focus on inequalities and vulnerability. Capacity building should be a key element of proposed projects with innovation and creativity also encouraged.

To ensure effective communication and planning within each Locality, each proposal should involve engagement with local prevention activity. This will ensure proposals are not duplicating other work around The Ripple Effect or broader prevention agenda.

Life Stages COG
The Greater Glasgow and Clyde Alcohol and Drug Prevention Framework defines prevention as “encouraging and developing ways to support and empower individuals, families and communities in gaining knowledge, attitudes and skills in which to avoid or reduce alcohol and drug issues and alcohol and drug related harm.
This working definition removes the misconception that prevention is only about work with children and young people by clearly setting out the wider boundaries of prevention:
Pre-birth / Early Years
Children & Young People
Older Adults
Family Support
Funding Information
There is a maximum award of £3500 per organisation. Higher allocations will be considered for partnership proposals or citywide projects.
What can be done?
The cultural nature of the problem has to be considered to challenge the long term attitudes and expectations surrounding alcohol
Greater support and intervention targeting the family to improve the outcomes for young people.
More prevention and education for young people and a focus on resilience approaches so young people can resist peer pressure.
More tailored diversionary activities for young people, which they are consulted on. to provide an alternative to alcohol consumption.
Provide more opportunities for young people in the form of volunteering, training or employment.
Consider the range of factors impacting on quality of life when developing interventions and approaches.
Interventions tackling agent purchase should be undertaken, e.g. Community Alcohol Campaigns
Parks and waste ground, secluded areas and shopping centres should be a focus for interventions
There should be more community events and wider opportunities for people to be involved in shaping the future of their community.
Increased promotion and awareness raising of community facilities and youth provision that exist in communities.
Community members, particularly V/a . young people, are consulted about improvements and details of service and youth provision
Actions are taken to change the stereotypical view of an individual experiencing alcohol addiction.
The findings are sharod with stakeholders who have an interest and investment in helping make Glasgow communities Thriving Places.
Eligibility Criteria
The Glasgow City ADP Ripple Effect Community Activity Fund is open to the local community, community groups and organisations within the Glasgow City boundary.
Proposals are encouraged to focus on the Thriving Place neighbourhoods but work in other areas may also be considered.
Partnership proposals are encouraged.
For more information, visit https://www.ripple-effect.org.uk/communityactivityfund/

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