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Citi recrute 01 agent de contrôle des changes

Citi recrute 01 agent de contrôle des changes

Primary Purpose:

This position reports to TTS Manager and is responsible for handling Clients Domiciliation process Import and Export, conducting transactions foreign exchange control as per local regulation and performing regulatory reports for payment and receivables. This position is responsible for ensuring that branch is in compliance with FX control regulation and sending timely regulatory reports.

In addition to above processing responsibilities, this position is Oil and Gas clients service requirements , supporting Markets for FX documentation to Central Bank and helping on MCA/GRC coordination.

Principal Accountabilities:


  • Print Document in Orbus (Custom office system) and verify their conformity
  • Perfom the domiciliation in orbus
  • Prepare the cover sheet for each domiciled file
  • Record domiciled files on Domiciliation Book
  • Open of import and export domiciliation files in local FX Control application and file them as per record management
  • Handling of requests from other banks to use our domiciliation files (answer to their SWIFT, update of local FX Control application, follow up until reception of their SWIFT of payment and stamped customs document, closure of related file in local FX Control application)
  • Update of local FX Control application with all FCY payments (import files + fx authorization)
  • Closure of export files after documents received from exporters
  • Update orbus book with partial payment and closure dates
  • Issuing commissions memos for Dom and FX files.

MIFT transfers

  • Verification of documentation for FCY transfers as per exchange regulation
  • Transmission to Citiservice for regularization if some documents are missing
  • Preparing free format messages  in case of deferral with other banks

Transfers via Citidirect

  • Reception and printing of transfer order from cash center in Poland
  • Transmission to Citiservice any transfer received without documentation
  • Reception of documentation (from Citiservice or from reception)
  • Linkage of documentation with transfer order and checking of documentation as per exchange regulation
  • If documentation is missing, transmission to Citiservice for regularization
  • Typing of telex (free format)  in flex  in case of deferral with other banks
  • If documentation is ok, sending for processing (after update of sysfx see below)

Reports- Regulatory Reports

  • Citidirect report (daily) : reconciliation between Citidirect transfers received from cash center and processed
  • EOD report
  • Quarterly report to Central Bank on Import & Export domiciliation expired since more than 3 months
  • Annual report to central bank on “encaissement repatriation” during the previous year (in collaboration with treasury)
  • Handling deferrals of docs (recording in sheet and removing if regularized, filing all regularized deferrals) and preparation of deferral report circulated every Friday
  • Monthly DCFC
  • MCA Process
  • Other Regulatory reports as per RR inventory list of  TTS Operations
  • Other tasks assigned by Management including


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