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CFPs for Preventing and Reducing Sexual Violence in Schools in DRC

CFPs for Preventing and Reducing Sexual Violence in Schools in DRC

Deadline: 23-Dec-20

The Fund for Congolese Women (FFC) has launched a call for proposals for the project “preventing and reducing sexual violence in schools” in 10 provinces of the DRC.

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Objectives should be expressed as specific objectives. They must be achievable at given the scope of the project. The projects to be submitted must have at least 2 objectives and 3 at maximum.

The objectives should:

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Give directly the identified need;
Express a sense of improvement or advancement in relation to the need;
Be supported by the activities.

Give the precise identification of the direct beneficiaries (these are the directly targeted people and affected by project activities, needy) and if necessary categorize them if possible as well as indirect beneficiaries (who are not concerned by the project activities but who benefit from the effects of the project).
Funding Information

The proposed project budget must not exceed $ 5,000.
Eligible Activities

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The activities must demonstrate the actions of change by the direct beneficiaries of the project after completion of the activities.

Proposed projects should be aligned with the CTF’s objectives for that project, including:

The mobilization of the community on changing mentalities and attitudes towards women on issues related to reproductive health, sexual health;
the engagement of traditional leaders in change and promotion of practices aimed at improving reproductive health and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and;
training and establishment of collective mechanisms for young people for attitude change and for access to information on reproductive health (youth clubs, good girls, girls leaders ……)
The project cycle should be 9 months.
Eligibility Criteria

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Projects that focus on reproductive health and young people’s access to information on responsible sexuality through dialogue mechanisms between young people (groups young leaders, groups of young wise people …);
Capacity building of women on issues related to the prevention of non-pregnancies and other sexually transmitted diseases;
Strong awareness of the use of young girls and women in assisted abortion;
Strengthening access of adolescents and young people to contraceptive services in their communities.
The projects must be implemented in the following provinces: city, province of Kinshasa, Kongo-Centrale, Maniema, North and South Kivu, Ituri, Haut and Bas UELE, Tshopo and the province of Tanganyika, Kwango, Kwilu, Mai-ndombe, and in the provinces of Kasaie, Kasaie Central and Kasaie Oriental.

For more information, visit https://www.ffcrdc.org/appelaprojet/

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