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CFAs: Receiving Sleeves for Grain Storage Starts through the State Agrarian Registry (Ukraine)

CFAs: Receiving Sleeves for Grain Storage Starts through the State Agrarian Registry (Ukraine)

Deadline: 9-Oct-22

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) together with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food (MAPF) announce the start of registration for receiving temporary grain storage equipment (sleeves) of 200 tons each.

The programme is implemented with the financial support of the governments of Canada and Japan, and the Australian philanthropic organization Minderoo Foundation.

In total, FAO and the Ministry will distribute 30 000 polyethylene grain sleeves. The grain storage equipment will be available for agriproducers: legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who cultivate land on the territory of Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied ones.

Goals they are supporting through this initiative
Zero hunger.
Responsible Consumption and Production.
Partnerships for the Goals.
Eligibility Criteria
The main criteria for programme participants:
Land area under official cultivation (owned or leased) is from 100 to 10 000 hectares;
Use the received sleeves exclusively for storage of their own-grown products;
The cultivated lands must be located in the government-controlled territories of Ukraine;
Self-delivery of grain sleeves from warehouses in their or in the neighboring oblast (from Dnipropetrovska oblast for agricultural producers from Donetska, Luhanska or Zaporizka oblasts, or from Mykolaivska oblast for agricultural producers from Khersonska oblast).
Small and medium-sized agricultural producers are strongly encouraged to apply.
Farmers do not need to send a physical copy of the application or deliver it, and then check the correctness. It is enough to sign in to the personal electronic account at home, choose among the available support programmes the FAO programme to provide temporary grain storage equipment (sleeves), and fill in the appropriate electronic form.
After review and analysing of all received applications, the programme participants will receive confirmation of assistance via DAR, and will also be notified of the address of the warehouse for self-delivery of sleeves to the territory of the agrarian enterprise.
For more information, visit https://ukraine.un.org/en/200844-call-applications-receiving-sleeves-grain-storage-starts-through-state-agrarian-registry

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