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Ceibal Foundation: Education Sector Fund “Digital Inclusion- Education with New Horizons”

Ceibal Foundation: Education Sector Fund “Digital Inclusion- Education with New Horizons”

Deadline: 19 July 2018

Ceibal Foundation and the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) announce the opening of the call to present research projects within the framework of the Sectorial Education Fund Modality ” Digital Inclusion: Education with New Horizons ” in its fourth edition.

ANII and the Centro Ceibal Foundation for the Study of Digital Technologies in Education created this modality with the aim of financing research projects that provide original data with respect to the knowledge already existing in the field of teaching and learning mid by digital technologies, which may be linked to social or educational aspects of the Ceibal Plan.

This fund is aimed at research groups based in national and international institutions, public or private.

Types of Stages

The presentation of proposals comprises two stages:

  • Stage 1: Idea of ​​a research project.
  • Stage 2: Research project.

Funding Information

The maximum amount of financing will be $ 2,900,000 (Uruguayan pesos) per project, financing up to 80% of it.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The proposals must present the corresponding form, which must be duly completed, and all the attached documents requested. All the members of the national research teams must complete their CVs in the CVuy System. No projects will be accepted after the period specified in the call.
  • If the applicant is a foreign-based institution, it should have a national counterpart in order to be eligible. In this case, the project will have two proposing institutions. In addition, in the case of national institutions, partnerships between these groups and institutions from other countries will be positively assessed.
  • The Scientific responsible and co-responsible may submit only one project per call. It is possible to Scientific responsible and co-responsible of up to two nationally-funded research projects (ANII, CSIC, INIA, etc.) running simultaneously.
  • The project’s Scientific responsible and co-responsible must allocate at least 10 hours a week to the project.
  • Applications will be rejected if their Scientific responsible and/or co-responsible are in breach (e.g. overdue technical progress reports, final accounts, closure reports, surveys) of any of ANII’s programmes as of the closing date of the call.
  • It is compulsory to submit the curriculum vitae (CV) of all project participants. National researchers must submit their CV in the CVuy format updated as of the closing date of the call. In the case of foreign researchers, support technicians, consultants and visiting professors, it is suggested that they submit their CVs in the CVuy format, although this is not mandatory.
  • No member of the research team may exceed 60 hours per week considering all the occupational activities undertaken (including teaching hours or hours at other public or private jobs).
  • All the documents requested in the application form must be attached.

How to Apply

Applicants can download the application form via given website.

For more information, please visit Education Sector Fund.

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