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Catherine Donnelly Foundation seeking LOIs for Grant Program – Canada

Catherine Donnelly Foundation seeking LOIs for Grant Program – Canada

Deadline: 05-Aug-2020

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation is seeking Letters of Inquiry for its Grant program to provide a long-term way to serve specific community needs anywhere in Canada.

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Generally, The Catherine Donnelly Foundation will use its endowment to fund projects/programs that address
community needs in three primary areas: Adult Education Advancement Initiatives, Environmental Enhancement Initiatives and Housing Initiatives

Focus Areas

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Adult Education Advancement Initiatives: The Foundation will consider applications that focus on the adult education and learning needs of new Canadians and marginalized populations and in particular, those that seek to address the most pressing contemporary problems and concerns of these groups.
Environmental Enhancement Initiatives: The Foundation will consider applications that aim to catalyze a significant increase in public support for fast and deep-reaching climate change solutions. Priority will be given to broad integrated approaches linking disparate initiatives, enhancing public engagement, and integrating marginalized sectors of the population into climate change dialogues and movements. Of particular interest is a desire to engage with and support Indigenous-led climate justice movements.
Housing Initiatives: The Foundation will consider applications for projects that address homelessness and the scandalous lack of affordable housing through research, policy development, capacity building and advocacy within the sector. The Foundation want to hear from groups engaged in collective efforts to examine and craft solutions for the root causes of Canada’s housing crisis. The Foundation particularly want to support innovative and cutting edge projects that give priority to Indigenous Peoples and to newcomer/refugee/immigrant communities.
Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation seeks applicant organizations that:

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Are registered Canadian charities
Can provide evidence that their operative values are consistent with those of the Catherine Donnelly Foundation
Work in areas where the needs are greatest
Work with persons not served or reached by traditional programs
Are undertaking projects or programs that have promise as a model for imitation in other Canadian communities and will train others to set up similar programs
Partner with other like valued organizations to achieve shared goals
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