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CAORC 2019 Call for Proposals for Urgent Cultural Heritage Protection Efforts in Yemen

CAORC 2019 Call for Proposals for Urgent Cultural Heritage Protection Efforts in Yemen

Deadline: 21 July 2019

CAORC, in partnership with the American Institute for Yemeni Studies, has announced its 2019 call for proposals to support scholars, institutions, and organizations involved in efforts to safeguard, document, and preserve cultural heritage sites and collections within Yemen that are under immediate or urgent threat due to the effects of the ongoing conflict.

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Through this call for proposals, CAORC aims to identify potential project partners that could benefit from modest awards to help improve the security, safety, and preservation of at-risk sites, collections, or traditions in the country. The program welcomes applications from cultural heritage professionals, non-profit organizations, and local government ministries/agencies, although all awarded projects must demonstrate the approval and support of the relevant local authorities engaged in cultural heritage protection.

Proposal Budget

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The maximum grant award is $4,250 USD per project. Budgets should be concise and in a chart format. Please provide applicant’s budget explanatory notes in MS Excel, MS Word, or PDF file format. Budget categories should include:

  • Procurement – equipment, supplies
  • Salaries/Per Diem – funding for project personnel
  • Lodging – lodging for project personnel
  • Transportation – domestic or international air and ground transport
  • Other – please include all costs not noted above

Eligibility Requirements

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  • Competition open to Yemeni and foreign professionals and organizations involved in the preservation of threatened sites, collections, and/or cultural traditions in Yemen
  • Applicants must demonstrate close partnership and engagement with local Yemeni professionals and organizations, including obtaining all required permissions and permits for the proposed project
  • Proposed projects should address critical, emergency heritage preservation issues that need to be addressed quickly

Required Proposal Components

Proposal Narrative

In a narrative statement of no more than 2,500 words (written in English or Arabic in MS WORD format), please address the following items (narratives should also include 3-4 relevant images or figures that visually describe the proposed project):

  • Background: Provide a brief description of the importance of the site, collection, or cultural resource under threat.
  • Urgency and Need: Describe the urgent threats that are affecting the resource’s long-term preservation and the specific need/problem that the proposed project will address.
  • Project Design: Describe how the project will address the identified needs/problems of the site, collection, or cultural resource under threat and how the project’s goals and objectives will aim to reduce or eliminate these threats.
  • Impact and Sustainability: Describe the impact the project will have on the long-term preservation of the cultural resource, as well as the specific methods that will be used to sustain project results, including local training and capacity-building measures and engagement with local communities.
  • Team: Provide a list of the key personnel who will implement the project; include full name(s), affiliation, and project role/title. Include short statements for each about their experience, training, etc., as well as current resumes, if available.
  • Data Management: Describe how the project will collect, manage, store, and make available any data gathered during the project.
  • Workplan: Give a detailed schedule and workplan for achieving project goals and objectives.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit https://www.caorc.org/programs-kaplan-rpi

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