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Canada: Parkland Valley Sport, Culture & Recreation Outreach Grant Program

Canada: Parkland Valley Sport, Culture & Recreation Outreach Grant Program

Deadline: 15-Apr-22

The Parkland Valley has announced Parkland Valley Sport, Culture & Recreation Outreach Grant Program to assist communities and organizations to support sport, culture and recreation projects that meet the needs of their residents and users.

This funding strives to create opportunities for people to engage in:

Recreational experiences for well-being,
Cultural and/or creative inquiry projects,
Sport development projects, and
Healthy active living and/or physical activity initiatives.
Funding Information
Organizations can apply for up to $1,000 of funding. The amount of funding available is dependent on the number of applications received at the deadline date and eligible expenditures within individual applications.
Applicants can only submit one application per deadline.
If you currently have an active grant with Parkland Valley, you need to complete the follow-up before you apply for a new one as you cannot have two active grants out at one time.
There is no retroactive funding given. Projects and follow-ups must be completed before March 31, 2022.
Eligible Expenditures
Examples of eligible expenditures include:

Contracted instructors, presenters, performers, etc.
Supplies (specific itemized supplies in the budget expense table) for the program
Advertising/promotion costs
25% of facility rental costs directly related to the project
Eligibility Criteria
Organizations eligible to apply include recreation boards, municipalities, First Nations and registered non-profit organizations with a focus on sport, culture, and recreation. (These organizations assume the liability of the project and own any equipment purchased through the grant).
Organizations applying must exist within the Parkland Valley District boundaries.
Organizations that have overdue follow-up reports within the lottery funded system are ineligible to apply.
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