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Canada: Indigenous Cultural Heritage Micro-Grant

Canada: Indigenous Cultural Heritage Micro-Grant

Deadline: 28-Sep-21

The First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC) is seeking applications for its Indigenous Cultural Heritage Micro-Grant (ICH MG) to support the performance, preservation or sharing of Indigenous heritage, increasing knowledge sharing with Elders or assisting in the development of cultural heritage skills in Indigenous communities.

ICH MG program will provide support for projects initiated and directed by Indigenous organizations who have demonstrated commitment to their cultural heritage practices.
The ICH MG program is meant to support organizations to:
undertake activities supporting the performance, preservation and / or sharing of Indigenous heritage
increase knowledge sharing with elders
assist in developing cultural heritage skills in Indigenous communities
Funding Information
Funding through the ICH MG program is up to $ 2,000.
Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for an ICH MG, organizations must have a mandate or a focus which includes Indigenous heritage and be:
a British Columbia (BC) First Nation band or tribal council; GOLD
a not-for-profit registered in BC in good standing and governed by Indigenous individuals (at least 51% of Directors identify as Indigenous); GOLD
a First Nation school or adult education center operating in BC
Additionally, applicants must:
Demonstrate how their project contributes to the revitalization of Indigenous heritage; AND
Demonstrate how the ICH MG will support emergent activities on a one-time basis; AND
Submit a signed application (only one application per organization) with a realistic, balanced budget which demonstrates financial need and an achievable project timeline; AND
Have completed all reporting for any previous projects funded by FPCC; AND
Ensure all FPCC COVID-19 Program Guidelines are met.
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