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Canada: Healthy Public Policy Grants

Canada: Healthy Public Policy Grants

Deadline: 1-Jun-22

The PlanH is now inviting applications for its Healthy Public Policy Grants to support communities as they take multi-sectoral action to create, adapt, amend or evaluate public policy through a health equity lens in order to create long-term positive health and well-being outcomes for community members.

The PlanH Healthy Communities grant program supports Indigenous and local governments in B.C. as they work with health authorities and other partners to collectively create conditions that enable healthy people and healthy places.

The goal of the PlanH Program is to support local governments, including Indigenous communities and health authorities to advance policies, programs, and strategies aimed at improving health equity, and well-being for all.

Funding Information

Maximum Amount Per Grant: $15,000
Projects Eligible

Developing an equity-informed policy framework, or integrating an equity lens into an existing policy framework
Engagement, implementation, or evaluation processes for strengthening the equitability of a policy under development
Conducting a policy analysis from an equity perspective; looking through an equity lens in order to revise an existing policy or plan, such as a transportation plan, housing strategy, poverty reduction strategy or election bylaw
Initiating an exploratory study or report on a potential healthy public policy in your community, such as a feasibility study for an agricultural land trust or a report on the potential impact of a participatory budgeting process
Eligibility Criteria

The following government organizations are eligible to apply:
First Nations Bands
First Nations Tribal Councils
Métis Chartered Communities
Regional Districts
Self-Governing First Nations
The following organizations are not eligible to apply as a primary applicants:
Community Groups
For-profit Groups
Health Authorities
Hospital Foundations
Non-profit Organizations
School Districts
This opportunity could be for you if you:
Represent an Indigenous or local government
Have community partners who share your interest in developing a broad policy framework
You have a relationship with either your regional health authority (Northern Health, Interior Health, Island Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, or Fraser Health) or First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). If you don’t have an existing relationship with FNHA or the health authority in your region, let us know, and they can help connect you.
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