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Canada: Agape Foundation of London Grants for Start Ups

Canada: Agape Foundation of London Grants for Start Ups

Deadline: 12-Jan-22

The Agape Foundation of London is offering grants to assist in the development of the London area community through grants and special awards to non-profit, charitable groups concerned with education, the arts, recreation, social services, health and the environment.

The Agape foundation of London makes grants for start up costs both capital and operating to new organizations intending to provide services of facilities that respond to a documented need in the community.
Grants will also be considered for established organizations whose services will no longer be available to the community without short term funding. As well, grants are made to established organizations that demostrate a need for funding of a special capital project.
The Letters Patent of The Agape Foundation of London with the CRA dictate they can grant only to not-for-profits within London or that demonstrate a clear London connection and impact.
Funding Information
The grants are rarely over $ 10,000.
The Foundation prefers not to grant to organizations which have annual revenues, investments, and / or capital assets in excess of $ 250,000, or to organizations which have a payroll which exceeds 50% of annual budget.
Your organization must have a CRA charitable registration number and be governed by a Board of Directors.
Your organization must provide benefit to the community of London, Ontario and its citizens.
The Foundation prefers to fund small, grassroots organizations which seek to meet immediate human need.
The Foundation gives higher priority to ‘seed money’ for new projects, programs, and initiatives.
The Foundation does not fund capital campaigns.
Successful applicants must be willing to report on the impact of the grant within six months of receipt.
Except for special circumstances, they rarely make an additional grant to an organization for at least two years.
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