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Call for Proposals to develop the Risk Education Component of Mines in Colombia

Call for Proposals to develop the Risk Education Component of Mines in Colombia

Deadline: 25-Aug-23

The UNOPS Center for Peace and Security invites those organizations that are interested and eligible to participate in a call for proposals for the project: Mine Risk Education (MRE) in Emergency Situations.

The implementation of the complete ERM model in Emergency Situations is expected, with all its activities and phases (response preparation, response and early recovery), in accordance with Colombian Technical Standard 6841 – Education on the Risk of Antipersonnel Landmines, Ammunition No Exploding and booby traps. The Recipient will have sole control over the administration and implementation of this project; however, both the quality of the work carried out by the Recipient and the progress towards the satisfactory completion of the activities and the results of the project will be subject to verification by UNOPS.

The Call for Proposals (CFP) aims to develop the Mine Risk Education component within the framework of the Humanitarian Coordination project for Comprehensive Action against Antipersonnel Mines of the United Nations Mine Action Service in Colombia (UNMAS Colombia).

This taking into account the collaborative and coordinated work that UNMAS Colombia carries out with UNICEF and with its counterpart within the National Government, AICMA Colombia, within the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace (OACP). The main objective of the Humanitarian Coordination project is to help people and communities live free from the threat posed by explosive devices in Colombia, in accordance with the Country Strategy of UNMAS Colombia. Likewise, its specific objectives are:


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  • Coordinate the Mine Action sector so that its activities are implemented efficiently and effectively; and
  • Promote safer, more inclusive and productive communities through UNMAS-funded humanitarian mine action interventions.

The activities requested in this CFP will involve the award of two separate grants. One grant will be awarded to each of the following geographic areas:

  • Area 1: Antioquia, Cauca and Putumayo
  • Area 2: Valle del Cauca, with special emphasis on the municipality of Buenaventura (Bajo Calima Region), and Chocó and Nariño (if necessary and if the terrain conditions allow it).

UNMAS Colombia, through this call, seeks to contribute to the fulfillment of its vision and mission in the country, established in the UNMAS Colombia 2023-2024 Program Strategy, namely:

  • Vision: People and communities live free from the threat posed by explosive devices, and mine action contributes to peace processes, allowing the extension of State authority to address the root causes of the conflict in Colombia.
  • Mission: UNMAS Colombia provides technical assistance to the National Comprehensive Mine Action Authority and the mine action sector in general and supports mine action related aspects of peace processes.
Grant Amount
  • Area 1: Antioquia, Cauca and Putumayo – ECHO
    • USD 120,000
  • Area 2: Buenaventura (Bajo Calima Region), Valle del Cauca, Chocó and Nariño – CERF
    • USD 108,000
  • Area 1: Antioquia, Cauca and Putumayo – ECHO
    • 1 year 6 months
  • Area 2: Buenaventura (Bajo Calima Region), Valle del Cauca, Chocó and Nariño – CERF
    • 0 year 10 months

UNMAS expects the projects to include the following outputs:


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  • Assessment of needs, vulnerabilities and capacities of the intervention area carried out, guaranteeing the participation and consideration of the particularities of men, women, boys, girls, people with disabilities, ethnic communities and other relevant groups in the collection of information.
  • Designation of focal points in the prioritized departments and municipalities and the Formation of a diverse team of facilitators.
  • Public Information Dissemination Strategy implemented through the media.
  • Awareness and training sessions in Mine Risk Education and management of the Community risk in the intervention area given.
  • Support provided for the access of survivors and indirect victims of accidents with explosive devices to basic, legal and health services.
  • Carry out an assessment of the needs, vulnerabilities and capacities of the area of intervention performed.
  • Provide MRE training to communities most affected by explosive devices with a gender, age and diversity sensitive approach.
  • Provide legal advice and guidance to victims of antipersonnel mines, including guidance in referral pathways for victims.
  • Participate and provide support to the humanitarian coordination mechanism for the response of emergency.
  • Promote the participation of community members as facilitators.
  • Population at risk of accidents due to explosive devices in the most affected areas, namely: women, men, boys, girls, adolescents of all ethnic groups; disabled population; explosive device survivors and family members.
Applicant Eligibility
  • Non-governmental organizations
    • Only grant applications will be accepted submitted by non-governmental organizations (NGO) national/international non-profit registered to operate in Colombia and that are accredited to carry out ERM actions in emergency situations are not eligible agencies, departments ministries.
  • Applicants must submit proof of their:
    • Status as a non-profit NGO;
    • Registration in the country where the program will be implemented (Colombia).

For more information, visit United Nations Mine Action Service.

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