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Call for Proposals: Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (Timor-Leste)

Call for Proposals: Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls (Timor-Leste)

Deadline: 16-Dec-22

UN Women is seeking a registered Non-Government Organization (or joint application from several organizations) to support UN Women in the roll-out of the Voice Against Violence (VAV) curriculum and complementary advocacy strategy to eliminate violence against women and girls.

Rolling out the Voice Against Violence (VAV) curriculum in communities in 4 municipalities. This will include adapting the VAV curriculum, building the capacity of facilitators, monitoring the training provided to community members on Gender-Based Violence and equitable gender norms, support communities to implement its advocacy strategy to end violence against women and girls (EVAWG), organize a conference to share experience of the community interventions.

The Overall Objective
This non-government organization is expected to provide capacity building on promote respectful relationships using the Voice against Violence curriculum to community members in 4 municipalities. This will include supporting the adaptation of Voice Against Violence (VAV) curriculum, establishing the CWR Technical Working Group, roll-out the (VAV)Training of the Trainers, roll-out training sessions, monitoring knowledge, and understanding of participants before and after the interventions, implement advocacy strategy and award champions who created initiatives to prevent violence against women and girls and facilitating exchange and learning across key stakeholders, local authorities, community leaders and community members.

Budget Information
The budget range for this proposal should be USD 70,000-80,000

The total duration of the Contract will be 15 months, from the commencement date in January 2023 -Mar 2024.

Expected Result
The Together for Equality programme will contribute to preventing violence against women and girls is and made the quality essential services available and accessible to victims and survivors in Timor-Leste in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and aligns with Timor-Leste’s National Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence (2017-2021) and Strategic Development Plan vision for Timor-Leste to be “a gender-fair society where human dignity and women’s rights are valued, protected and promoted by the laws and culture” by 2030. The expected results are.

Transformed attitudes, behaviors and social norms promoted at individual and inter-personal levels to prevent GBV;
Improved access to essential public services (health, justice and social services) for women and girls, among other survivors of violence, informed by evidence-based responses to GBV;
Enhanced legislation and policy environment for eliminating violence against women and girls and other forms of gender discrimination, is in place and translated into action.
Eligibility Criteria
UN Women is soliciting proposals from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Women’s organizations or entities are highly encouraged to apply.

Technical/functional competencies required
Documented successful track record (for newly formed organizations, the personnel to be assigned to the UN Women project should have a proven track record of 5 years in the area of community mobilizing and volunteerism);
A proven commitment to delivery of results in a professional manner (able to provide records of successful projects and to carry out quality monitoring and reporting under Result Based Management (RBM) framework);
Has internal programmatic, administrative and financial processes in place to ensure delivery of quality, cost-effective and timely programme results;
Has grassroots presence/outreach in relevant communities;
Has adequate numbers of professional staff with adequate qualifications and experience;
Previous experience with UN Women, other UN agencies or significant non-government donors.
Governance and management structures
Officially registered in Timor-Leste (in a consortium or joint proposal one organization must have this status);
Has a Board of Directors/ managing committee or an appropriate governance structure which are politically impartial, and review key decisions affecting strategy, partnerships, programmes, finance, and procurement;
Key decisions are subject to review by a committee of the Board;
Has no conflict of interest between staff in the organization and UN Women;
Has an anti-fraud and corruption policy and consistently implements the policy with supporting evidence in doing so ;
Has in place policies and procedures regarding data privacy and data protection;
Has gender considerations reflected by proportion of women in management and Board of Directors;
Has the capacity to follow the UN Protocol on Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, including reporting requirements to UN Women.
Financial and administrative structures:
Has and follows written and transparent financial and administrative rules and regulations;
Has a clear system for procurement and subcontracting with appropriate checks and balances;
Has clear documented procedures and internal controls governing the payment cycle (requisition, approval, disbursement versus cash, vouchers etc.;
Has segregation of duties in receipt and management of funds. Payments require two or more signatures;
Is subjected to regular external audits (separate from donor mandated programme specific audits);
Previous unqualified audits available for the past 3 years;
Has a sustainable financial position.
Other competencies, which while not required, can be an asset for the performance of services
For more Information, visit Preventing violence against women and girls.

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