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Call for Proposals: Partners for Elements of UN Women Tunisia’s Annual Workplan 2021

Call for Proposals: Partners for Elements of UN Women Tunisia’s Annual Workplan 2021

Deadline: 10-Apr-21

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) Arab States is seeking applications for its “Partners for Elements of UN Women Tunisia’s Annual Workplan 2021″ programme to build a roster of potential partners, vetted and approved, to be utilized throughout 2021.

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The rule of law, a cornerstone of good governance and democracy, requires laws to be in place to hold everyone accountable, from the individual to the government. However, for millions of women and girls around the world, the reality is that the rule of law doesn’t mean much in practice. The two areas in which women’s rights are the least protected, where the rule of law is weakest and where men’s privileges are often the most entrenched, are:

Women’s rights in the sphere private and domestic, and
Their right to decent work and to inherit and control land and other productive resources.
Description of Required Services/Results:

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The mission of the implementing partner and the lines of collaboration consist of:

Axis 1: Strengthening the actors of access to justice.
Build the capacities of at least 30 judges for a better implementation of Law N ° 58.
Raise awareness and strengthen the capacities of special units to fight against violence in at least 4 regions of Tunisia.
Strengthen local coordinations and their components, to ensure that survivors have access to necessary essential services and to facilitate their access to justice at the local level in Tunisia.
Strengthen local coordination and collaboration with civil society organizations.
Axis 2: development of audiovisual and digital media for popularization in the fight against violence.
Develop digital popularization tools with civil society organizations and young people to facilitate the fight against violence.
Production of toolkits of guides/manuals and inessential services for women.
Provide audiovisual supports to popularize women’s access to essential services and protection.
Funding Information

The budget range of the proposal must correspond to the following amount ($ 20,000 min. – $ 60,000 max.)
Eligibility Criteria

Questions Answered on Concept Note

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Technical and operational skills required:
Be a Tunisian organization or registered in Tunisia.
Proven experience of working with judges, lawyers and law enforcement agencies in the fight against violence against women.
Ability to mobilize partners to increase access to justice for the most vulnerable women.
Ability to assess women’s needs in terms of support and assistance related to access to justice.
Ability to support civil society organizations in monitoring and supporting the implementation of organic law 58.
Have a network of national actors in the fight against violence.
Have a pool of experts in the topic.
At least 10 years of experience at the national or international level in the field of gender development and women’s rights.
Experience in inland regions is necessary.
Fluency in spoken and written Arabic and French is required.
Knowledge of English is an asset.
Other skills, which, although not required, maybe an asset in performing the services.
Awareness and sensitivity to gender issues.
Sense of responsibility.
Creative problem-solving.
Effective communication.
Inclusive collaboration.
Stakeholder engagement;
Lead by example.
Mandatory conditions / pre-selection criteria Response from the tenderer:
Confirm that the required services are among the core services that the Bidder performs as an organization.
Confirm that the tenderer is duly registered or has a legal basis / official mandate as an organization.
Confirm that the Bidder has been in business for at least five (5) years as an organization
Confirm that the Bidder has a permanent office in the site area.
The bidder must agree to visit a customer site at a location or area with a similar scope of activity.
Confirm that the tenderer has not been the subject of any findings of fraud, or of any other fault, as a result of an investigation by UN Women or another entity reporting to the United Nations.
Confirm that the Bidder has not been investigated and/or charged with any misconduct related to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA).
Confirm that the Bidder is not on any corresponding Sanctions List, including, as a minimum, the UN Security Council Sanctions Summary List (s), UN Managed Ineligible Supplier List (s) through the Global Portal for United Nations System Suppliers, and the Consolidated European Union Sanctions List.
UN Women invites qualified parties to submit technical and financial proposals for the provision of services related to the recruitment by UN Women of a responsible party.
UN Women is soliciting proposals from civil society organizations (CSOs). Women’s organizations or entities are strongly encouraged to apply.
For more information, visit https://arabstates.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/programme-implementation/2021/03/call-for-proposals-tunisia-annual-workplan-2021

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