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Call for Project Proposals: Blue Center Programme

Call for Project Proposals: Blue Center Programme

Deadline: 18-Jun-23

Project leaders are encouraged to submit their applications for the development of a coral reef conservation programme.

What is the Blue Center programme?
  • The Blue Center is a training and support program created by Coral Guardian, addressed to local structures aiming to develop their own project for the conservation of coral ecosystems by involving local communities.

Coral Guardian works following to 3 main pillars:

  • Participatory marine conservation to develop coral restoration programmes in collaboration with local communities and for their own benefit;
  • Raising awareness among local and international communities about the importance of coral ecosystems and the threats they face;
  • Participatory science to contribute to scientific knowledge of coral ecosystems and their restoration, according to the interests and needs of local partners.
Types of Support

Two types of support are offered to beneficiary projects, according to Coral Guardian possibilities:

  • Long-term support: regular support offered by Coral Guardian and adapted to the needs of the local structure, including technical, scientific, administrative, communication/marketing, and financial needs. The initial duration of this type of partnership and support is 3 years, during which the projects will be accompanied to develop mechanisms to reach greater independence.
  • Short-term support: one-off support from Coral Guardian on one or more issues or topics in the development of a coral restoration project. The collaborations’ perimeter is predefined with the beneficiary structure, and can include technical, scientific, communication or administrative aspects. Support for a project of this type is never financial. The initial duration is 1 year.

Geographic Targets: Overseas France (DOM-TOM territories), East Africa/ West Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Pacific Ocean.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Locally registered non-profit organisations focusing on conservation, outreach / raising awareness or scientific research of coral ecosystems.
  • The organisation may be looking for support to launch a new project, or it may be looking for support to strengthen or evolve an existing programme.
  • Prerequisites for candidate projects:
    • The application must be submitted by a locally registered non-profit organisation;
    • The project must address an environmental issue concerning coral ecosystems;
    • The project must involve local communities in all stages of the project’s development;
  • Languages accepted: English and French.

The projects they will not retain:

  • Proposals made by individuals not registered in a structure;
  • Proposals made by companies;
  • Proposals that do not include local communities in the project;
  • Proposals without a well-defined and motivated project leader;
  • Proposals focusing on ecosystems other than corals.

For more information, visit Coral Guardian.

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