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Call for Project Outlines: Feasibility Funding to Develop the Next Generation of Nordic Scalers

Call for Project Outlines: Feasibility Funding to Develop the Next Generation of Nordic Scalers

Deadline: 17-Nov-20

Through this call for project outlines, Nordic Innovation will establish the next generation of Nordic Scalers’ projects to support Nordic scale-ups accelerate and manage their growth.

1000 new grants and donors
The focus of the projects can either be of general nature or targeted at specific areas (industries, verticals, thematic areas), building on the strongholds of the Nordic ecosystems.

This call for project outlines provides feasibility funding for the development of the concept/business model and/or for establishing new partnerships to form a viable consortium.

Funding Information

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Number of projects to be funded: 5 – 7 projects with a fixed amount of NOK 200,000 each. The funding will be given in the form of a grant. No co-funding is required.
Eligibility Criteria

This call for project outlines is targeting companies, business networks and ecosystems.
Actors who have personal experience in starting, growing, internationalizing, and/or exiting businesses are especially encouraged to apply.
Applicants must represent a strong business community. Since the identification and recruitment of scale-ups with the ‘right’ profile was one of the main challenges during the pilot, the applicants should have a knowledge and working relations with Nordic scale-ups and be an integral part of a national, Nordic and/or international scale-up ecosystem.
As a main rule, all projects funded by Nordic Innovation require partners from minimum three Nordic countries. However, in relation to this call for project outlines, the project will in exceptional cases accept applications where only partners from two Nordic countries have been confirmed at the time of applying.
Consortium partners from countries outside the Nordic region are welcome to participate, but only partners from the Nordic countries can receive funding from Nordic Innovation.
For more information, visit https://www.nordicinnovation.org/Nordic-Scalers-Call-Outlines-2020


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