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Call for Partnership/Projects 2020: Child Protection (France)

Call for Partnership/Projects 2020: Child Protection (France)

Deadline: 30-Nov-20

Refugee Youth Service (RYS) and Help Refugees (HR) have launched an open call for proposals for individual organizations or partnerships to support unaccompanied children in Calais and Grande-Synthe, northern France.

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The call for partnership/project aims to contribute to the protection of wandering children and more particularly to help protect isolated foreign minors and ensure that their rights are respected and implemented.


Promote and facilitate access to protection for children at the end of family life and in a situation of social exclusion through an approach and individualized support (access to individual rights);
Contribute to improving child protection practices at different scales and to developing public child protection policies – (Access to the law through a collective approach: capacity building, coordination and advocacy).
Target Groups

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The target groups of this call for projects are:

Children wandering on the northern coast of France and more particularly in the areas of Calais, Grande Synthe and surrounding communities. The proposed projects integrating young adults will also be considered but the main target audience, namely isolated wandering minors, must be an integral part of the project.
Duty bearers to meet their obligations (authorities and associations operating authorities).
Eligibility Criteria

HR and RYS will give priority to proposals from organizations defending children’s rights, and other organizations with experience and expertise specific to the target audience and a demonstrated knowledge of the French child protection system and the issues national and European migration policies.

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The criteria listed below are not exhaustive and constitute a summary of the
applicable criteria :

Be a legally registered non-profit civil society actor with specialist knowledge, expertise and experience in child protection.
Your organization (or your co-applicant) must be established in France.
Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicant (s) and not act as an intermediary insofar as your application includes several applicants working in a consortium;
Have financial statements certified by an independent body (auditor or statutory auditor). These states cannot go back more than 2 years. If this applies to the financial volume of your association.
Have already managed funds equivalent to 40% of the requested amount.
The applicant can act either individually or with one or more co-applicants
Be able to demonstrate prior experience in the areas of activity targeted by this call for projects.
Guiding principles of the project

Proposals must clearly demonstrate that their organization and project/program:

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Help apply and promote the international convention on the rights of the child and advance the rights of the child
Act in the best interests of the child
Apply a human rights-based approach by strengthening the capacities of rights holders to assert their rights and those of duty bearers to meet their obligations.
Respects the principle of free membership on the part of children. Since the target audience is faced with permanent instability, precariousness and even constraint, the project must consider their right to freely choose what is good for them, while encouraging them to join a street exit project (in the best interests of the child and by considering the capacity for discernment depending on the situation)
Are part of a coordinated dynamic and partnerships
Are flexible and demonstrate adaptability to a volatile environment in which teams are required to move
Have the capacity to implement, document, monitor and evaluate their intervention.
Evaluation Criteria

An important evaluation criterion will relate to how the project intends to respond to the specific challenges of the context and how it intends to ensure the continuity of the pre-existing work and complement the existing initiatives.

Announcement of the call for projects: Saturday 24 October;
Submission of letter of interest and mandatory criteria / prequalification criteria form: November 30, 19:00 (GMT + 2);
The successful candidate organization (s) will be informed and invited to an interview with a panel – jury: Between December 1 and 4;
Interview with funding panel: Between December 7 and December 18;
Field visit in the target area. A face-to-face meeting with the selected organization (s). Visit of the candidates’ existing project (s) (in other intervention areas in France): Between January 4 and January 15;
Submission of a concept note. (a budget and a provisional monitoring plan will be discussed with RYS and Help Refugees)*: Before January 22;
Selected organizations informed: February 1;
Signature of the MOU between HR, RYS and organizations selected as partners: February 15;
Handover period: February 15 – March 30;
Project launch date: March 1 at the latest, with an RYS transfer, carried out before March 30 (if necessary).
*Not being a process of a conventional call for projects, and rather a call for partnership, following the field visit, RYS and Help Refugees will be facilitators of exchanges to jointly set up if necessary these procedures.

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