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Call for Funding Projects 2023: Development Communication and Education in Austria

Call for Funding Projects 2023: Development Communication and Education in Austria

Deadline: 10-May-23

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) invites the applications to support projects of development communication and education in Austria in four fields of action:

  • Learn:  Education – Global Learning/Global Citizenship Education ; Cultural mediation/exchange
  • Attention: Information work, campaigns, advocacy, media
  • Commitment: Volunteer work
  • Knowledge: Science & journalism

The Sustainable Development Goals as a compass from the crises:

  • The implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has come under great pressure due to the many global crises and conflicts. Achievements to date are at stake around the world, and human-caused climate change is coming to the fore. It is all the more important to stick to the agreed goals and initiate fundamental changes at all levels in their society in order to enable sustainable development, respect for human rights and a good life for all people. The SDGs outline solutions to social, ecological and economic challenges around the world.
  • Funding therefore continues to focus on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The many intertwined crises – they affect the climate, the consequences of war, food shortages, health, the consequences of the COVID pandemic, energy, care work, democracy, etc. – have uncovered and exacerbated existing inequalities and injustices. The disproportionately greater impact on countries of the Global South, especially marginalized groups, and the inequality within individual countries and regions raise questions of global justice. Here in Austria, but also on a global level, cooperation, cohesion and solidarity are more important than ever. Measures for a socio-ecological transformation and finding new forms of cooperation and networking are essential for helping to shape sustainable development, for more social justice,
  • With the funding priority Sustainable Development Goals as a compass from the crises, ADA wants to stimulate further impulses for discussion and implementation in order to bring the SDGs more to the fore and to find concrete ways into an ecologically and socially just future. The background to current global developments and their global-local connections will be highlighted, the importance of the SDGs discussed, knowledge and skills promoted, learning spaces and commitment opened up, and new alliances between the various social actors and policy fields strengthened.
Funding Information

The maximum project duration is three years. The minimum application amount for funding is EUR 20,000.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Preference is given to projects that are carried out in cooperation with partners outside the development policy area – in particular dialogue and network initiatives that initiate the participation of many/diverse stakeholders and in particular promote the participation of young people. In terms of inclusive information and education work, disadvantaged or hard-to-reach target groups should also participate.
  • Eligible to apply are legal entities in accordance with § 3 (2) of the Development Cooperation Act. Individuals cannot submit applications.

For more information, visit ADA.

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