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Call for Expressions of Interest: COVID–19 Grant for Addressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Nigeria

Call for Expressions of Interest: COVID–19 Grant for Addressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Nigeria

Deadline: 7-Aug-20

The WVL project is a five-year project funded by Global Affairs Canada. The project is aimed at tackling the barriers to gender equality and supporting the empowerment of women and girls through the provision of technical and financial resources to local feminist/women’s rights organizations that are advancing the rights of women and girls and championing gender equality.

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Coronavirus disease (COVID19) has declared a public health emergency of international concern as the virus continues to spread. In Nigeria, the index COVID-19 case was reported on 27th February 2020, and since then, the virus has continued to spread and with some fatalities. The Federal and State governments through the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) had put in place precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus through the closure of all of Nigeria’s land borders, restriction of international flights, closure of all schools and tertiary institutions, and stay-at-home order.

Violence against women and girls in Nigeria is pervasive. Available evidence shows that 3 in every 10 Nigerian women have experienced physical violence by age 15 through either early or forced marriages, physical, mental or sexual assault.

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Purpose of the Grant

This grant is for the provision of critical protection services for vulnerable women and girls within and Post Covid-19 Period in Nigeria. It is a small grant designed to support LWROs to implement actions that will lead to women and girls living in reduced violence or fear of violence by supporting victims and survivors of gender-based violence to access protection services. These services may include provision of legal aid services, short-term shelter services, medical support, emergency support to indigent women and girls, women with disability and elderly women; and ending FGM. In addition, actions such as consciousness building using traditional and new media, evidence gathering on VAWG, and advocacy for implementation of VAWG related legislation may be supported.

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Multiple Layers of Funding

The project seeks to provide funding to over 120 LWROs in Nigeria that are providing services and or advocating for gender equality through provision of multiple layers of funding:

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Multi Year grants to 100 women’s groups: this is a 5-year predictable funding arrangement aimed at supporting the core mandates of 100 Local Women’s Rights Organizations (LWROs) and Networks at the state and national levels, and Community Based Organizations at the community level. This provision allows beneficiary organizations to continue implementation of either an on-going intervention or new interventions in the Women’s Rights space.
Strategic Innovation Fund: this fund is designed to support innovative ideas and initiatives from Women’s Rights Organizations beyond the project states. The funding opportunity targets innovative ideas which can serve as a catalyst for new ways of doing things within the Women’s Rights movement in Nigeria. This grant is announced on yearly basis.
Strategic Opportunity Fund: The purpose of this grant is to allow for Local Women Rights Organizations (LWROs) to be agile in responding to women and girls’ rights issues. It is set up as a rapid response fund that can be quickly accessed by organizations/movements/networks in the promotion and protection of women and girls’ rights.
COVID- 19 Top up Grant: this is a top up fund for LWROs irrespective of project state to support women and girls live with reduced violence or fear of it within and post COVID-19 period in Nigeria. This grant is designed for LWROS to provide critical protection services for vulnerable women and girls within and Post Covid-19 Period in Nigeria.
Funding Information

Up to 10 applications will be granted with grant ceiling between NGN 5,000,000 and 7,000,000 each to be implemented not later than February 2021.

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Only women led women’s rights organizations will be considered for this application.
Only 1 application per organization will be considered.
Only shortlisted organizations will be notified, due to volume of applications that may be received.
The initial shortlist may not amount to being signed onto this project.
ActionAid will not be responsible for any cost you may incur during the development of the Concept Note.
A guidance on SHEA, Anticorruption, Terrorism and Conflict will apply in this process.
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