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Call for Board Members: Supporting Trans Activists around the World

Call for Board Members: Supporting Trans Activists around the World

Deadline: 4-Aug-23

Do you have a passion for advancing trans rights and building a sustainable trans community? Are you deemed credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your peers and would you like to make decisions on how resources are allocated in the movements? Do you have any specific technical skills in organizational development and management such as finance, legal, resource mobilization, or HR? ITF is seeking applications from committed trans activists to join the Board of Directors.

The ITF is a participatory grantmaking fund that aims to increase the capacity of the trans movement to self-organize and advocate for trans people’s rights, self-determination, and wellbeing. The mission of the ITF is to mobilize and facilitate sustainable resources for strong, trans-led movements and collective action, and to address and eliminate funding gaps impacting trans groups across the globe.


The purpose of the fund is to:

  • Build & Sustain the Fund – Build and sustain a mechanism to support trans-led groups of different sizes working on a range of issues at the international, regional, country and local levels, with a particular emphasis on groups with access to fewer resources.
  • Resource Trans Movements – Increase resources and enhance access to resources to support trans movements, including:
    • Access to financial resources dedicated to trans-led organizations and groups through grantmaking.
    • Access to non-financial resources for trans organizations, such as skills building, organizational strengthening, leadership development and activist support.
    • Access to other and new donors for trans organizations, beyond the ITF’s direct support.
  • Educate Philanthropic Community – Educate peers in the philanthropic community on trans issues and influence other funders and strategic allies in trans-related commitments and strategies.
  • Board members will receive a remuneration of USD$1,000 per each year of their term. Members also receive reimbursement of travel expenses, including per diem, to attend ITF meetings.
  • Board members will be appointed for a three-year term. The expected beginning of the engagement will be determined based on when the recruitment process is completed and when seats become available.
Role of the Board of Directors
  • ITF aims to have a minimum of 9 Directors, but cannot exceed 13 according to the Articles of Incorporation. Trans activists should constitute at least 75% of the Board of Directors and funders no more than 25% of the Board membership.
  • The role of the Board is to provide strategic governance and leadership to the ITF, as well as maintain legal and fiscal responsibility for the Fund’s activities. The Board of Directors has the following responsibilities:
    • Provide strategic oversight and guidance.
    • Ensure that the ITF meets its fiscal and legal obligations to relevant government and statutory bodies to ensure compliance and fulfillment of its fiduciary responsibility.
    • Approve annual financial statements, annual budget, organizational level policies, and annual report of the ITF.
    • Adhere to confidentiality, ethics and conflict of interest principles in and outside of the ITF at all times.
    • Take due part in online discussions, email exchanges as well as participating in the regular annual in-person meeting as well as in at least 75% of online meetings.
    • Elect the Co-chairs of the ITF Board, as well as a Treasurer from among the activist members of the Board.
    • Appoint new Board members.
    • Support the staff in resource mobilization for the ITF.
    • Appoint members for the GMP.
    • Ratify the grant docket as approved by the GMP.
    • Determine the ITF’s grantmaking priorities in consultation with the GMP.
    • Appoint the Executive Director if there is a vacancy.
    • Make decisions on any item not delegated to any other body or staff of the ITF.
    • Volunteer to participate in Board Committees as needed and based on technical skills and experience.
    • Adhere to the ITF bylaws and other governing documents in conducting Board business.
    • Represent the ITF towards third parties when requested.
  • In practical terms, Board members are expected to contribute to discussions and decision making around strategic planning, priorities and guidelines for the Grant Making Panel and managing conflict of interests as well as other organizational matters. The Board supports the ITF in fundraising, is responsible for employment in the fund and internal policies. Board members are also required to know and follow all internal policies and bylaws.
Time Commitment

In order to fulfill this position, Board members must be able to commit to the following:

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  • Participate in 3-5 online meetings each year (please note that Board members are located in countries all over the globe – this means that meetings may be scheduled all hours of day and night as they strive to ensure time justice).
  • Attend and actively participate at one in-person meeting (5 days) each year.
  • Review materials, participate in discussions and make timely decisions.
Qualification of Activist Candidates

Candidates need to:

  • Have at least 5 years of direct involvement with trans activism at the regional and/or international level.
  • Have experience in decision-making bodies (e.g. Board or Steering Committees) composed of diverse stakeholders.
  • Have experience with collective and participatory decision-making processes and be able and willing to work in a diverse environment that includes activists and donors.
  • Have technical expertise and skills related to running a non-profit participatory grantmaking fund (e.g. finance, legal, human resources, governance, communications, etc.)
  • Be able to communicate and write in at least one of the ITF’s working languages (English or Spanish).
  • Hold a passport allowing them to travel internationally to attend Board meetings.
  • Have a strong commitment to fulfill tasks and deadlines.

For more information, visit International Trans Fund (ITF).

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