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Call for Bids: The Latin American Regional Investigative Journalism Project 2022

Call for Bids: The Latin American Regional Investigative Journalism Project 2022

Deadline: 15-May-22

As part of the Combatting Illicit Economies Programme, The Latin American Regional Investigative Journalism Project is open for bids from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Venezuela.

The Combatting Illicit Economies Program (“CIEP”) ​​is a program funded through the UK’s Conflict Stability and Security Fund. It partners with countries in Latin America to tackle threats including serious organized crime (from drugs to money laundering to environmental crime), grand corruption and instability/conflict.
The CIEP seeks to maintain a constant understanding of illicit finance mechanisms, threats and modalities in region recognizing that those dynamics are constantly evolving. As part of this approach, they are seeking to partner with a suitable implementer to undertake a regional investigative journalism project over a 3 year period and which focuses on the dynamics of corruption, serious and organized crime and illicit economies impacting Latin America.
Bid Priorities
Proposals should demonstrate a clear strategy by which investigative journalism can be used to analyse, provide evidence and raise awareness around the interplay of transparency and corruption dynamics, organized crime and illicit financial flows within Latin America.
As stated, the CIEP is particularly interested in how criminal and illicit financing works cross-region, sustaining illicit economies of concern in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela.
Bidders are otherwise encouraged to develop their own proposal incorporating innovative approaches to strengthening the capacity of investigative journalism in the region.
In terms of the desired impact of the project, again, they invite bidders to suggest their own bespoke approaches to demonstrating the impact of their activity.
The project implementer will need to be (or be aligned to) a not-for-profit or non-governmental organization as required by Official Development Assistance obligations
Scope of Project
Because of the nature of the CIEP’s funding, resource cannot be guaranteed beyond one-year windows within the three-year project life-cycle.
The proposal should provide the specific outcomes, outputs and activity the project aims to deliver. Each output should be linked to clear indicators, milestones and target dates.
The bidder should also state in the proposal the scope and scale of the personnel, resource and time required to complete the project, its activities and achieve the outputs.
The successful bidder would be expected to be able to operate in Spanish and English.
The project should ensure gender mainstreaming, risk mitigation strategy, and conflict sensitivity.
Funding Information
The total project bid should not exceed GBP£900,000 over a three-year period (starting April 2022 through to March 2025).
They are open to considering different proposals as to how that funding might be split over the three-year period.
Essential Skills and Competencies of the Implementer
The successful implementer will have:
Experience working on the relevant issues identified in this document;
Network of contacts in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, and Venezuela.
Experience of developing training sessions for journalists and producing transnational investigative pieces in issues related to corruption, illicit economies and illicit finances;
Familiarity with challenges and solutions related to investigative journalism of thematic including specifically illicit finances, money laundering and corruption (but also including how they link to broader illicit economies such as illegal mining, drugs, environmental crime etc);
Proven project and budget management experience, including mitigation of risks to ensure the project is delivered effectively.
Fluent Spanish is essential for operating in the region.
Fluent English is essential for drafting communications and financial reports.
Policy or Programme experience in Latin America.
Private consultancy firms, consortia of multidisciplinary experts or non-profit organisations can participate in this call for bids.
For more information, visit https://www.gov.uk/government/news/call-for-bids-the-latin-american-regional-investigative-journalism-project-call-for-bids-2022

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