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Call for Applications: Youth Leadership Challenge Fund (Nepal)

Call for Applications: Youth Leadership Challenge Fund (Nepal)

Deadline: 5-Sep-23

Qualified Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Madhesh and Lumbini provinces are invited to submit applications for the Youth Leadership Challenge Fund.

The Civil Society and Media (CSM) Activity is a five-year program (2022-2027) funded by USAID through the CSM-STAND-LWA, with The Asia Foundation as the lead implementer in Nepal.

USAID CSM supports independent civil society and media led by and for women, youth, and marginalized communities to advance public interest, fundamental freedoms, and accountability. Most activities will focus on Lumbini and Madhesh Provinces, with some implemented in Kathmandu.

The Youth Leadership Challenge Fund aims to advance the public interest of women, youth and marginalized (WYM) by creating and enabling youth civic leaders in Madhesh and Lumbini. This will be achieved through different means of engagement with the objective of capacitating a new generation of civic leaders, establishing an inclusive and active civic space, and instilling democratic values and practices in them. By informing a new generation about civic activism, this challenge fund aims to create a fresh wave of civic activism starting at the local level and include themes to prioritize leaders from intersectional groups.

  • The main objectives of this challenge fund are:
    • To develop a new generation of youth civic actors who are capable of actively participating in democratic governance and decision-making.
    • To advance the public interest in social change and community development activities through youth-led initiatives in Madhesh and Lumbini provinces; and
    • To enhance local civic space and movements in Madhesh and Lumbini by strengthening the capacity of young people.
  • Some of the illustrative themes are listed below:
    • Youth in facilitating policy for WYM.
    • Youth network on issues of WYM.
    • Youth in local governance.
    • Youth in social change and addressing social issues.
    • Youth in digital space.
    • Any creative ideas on a theme relevant to the three main objectives of this challenge fund.
Award Information
  • Estimated Funding Level
    • Applicants can apply for grants up to USD 40,000 not exceeding (NPR 5,284,000). The Asia Foundation has no preference for funding level, and applications will be evaluated on the merit of the program with no prejudice to the levels of funding sought.
  • Award Implementation Period
    • The grant implementation period should not exceed twelve months. The implementation period is to be driven by the logic of the program and no other consideration.
  • Award Type
    • All awards under this Call for Applications will be cost-reimbursable grants
Eligibility Criteria
  • Youth-led organizations working in and registered in Madhesh and Lumbini are encouraged to apply.
  • Youth-driven organizations working in leadership, advocacy, and engagement of youths are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Organizations led by women, youth and marginalized communities will be prioritized.
  • The Challenge Fund cannot be used for the following:
    • Construction: This award does not allow for construction activities or costs.
    • Pre-award Costs: Pre-award costs are not an allowable expense for this funding opportunity.
    • Program Activities: Activities that are not typically funded include, but are not limited to:
      • profit-generating projects;
      • scholarships to support educational opportunities or study for individuals;
      • paying to complete activities begun with other funds;
      • financial support for fundraising or fund development projects;
      • projects that are inherently political in nature or that contain the appearance of partisanship/support to an individual or single party;
      • political party and lobbying activities;
      • projects that support specific religious activities; and,
      • microloans/microfinance projects, distribution of seed money for enterprises, and legal/land rights-focused programs.

For more information, visit The Asia Foundation.

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